Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1975 4

    Chapter 1975 Men Without Rights Part Five

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    Young Master Ming was frustrated. Not because he couldn’t get the company of those beauties, but because Young Master Yan was always controlling him.

    He bore with it because Su Yue wasn’t married to him at that time. But the fellow seemed to get used to it. What right did he have?

    What right did Yan Rusheng have to order him around like an elder?

    Young Master Ming became even more indignant. He waved two girls over. “Two of you, come here. Sit with me.”

    “Ming Ansheng, if you dare, I’ll call Su Yue right now,” Yan Rusheng said as he took out his phone from his pocket in an attempt to threaten him.

    “I’ll call Xuxu right away,” Ming Ansheng said as he whipped out his phone as well. He was about to call her.

    Lu Yinan was speechless

    Jiang Zhuoheng didn’t know what to say.

    But more speechless than both of them was Yan Rusheng.

    He wasn’t just speechless. He couldn’t accept it.

    The obedient brother-in-law was striking back. He was threatening his dignity!

    “Enough, both of you. If you can’t afford to play, then don’t.”

    “Shut up.”

    “Do you believe that I’ll send Zhou Shuang a photo of you?”

    Then he opened the camera function on his phone and started taking photos of Lu Yinan.

    Lu Yinan covered his facehiding his face that was better looking than the two women beside him.

    Ming Ansheng grabbed Lu Yinan’s arms and he tried to pry them away to reveal his face.

    Chaos ensued on the sofa.

    The beautiful women, seeing that the men were playing around, decided to join in the fun to gain their attention. One of them hugged Lu Yinan’s waist, while the other hugged Ming Ansheng passionately.

    When he saw this, Yan Rusheng’s face turned darker than coal. He violently pried the woman’s arms away from Ming Ansheng.

    He didn’t care that she was a woman.

    “Let me go.”

    Lu Yinan realized that a woman was hugging him and he jumped in fright. He pushed her away, as though she was a hot potato.

    If Yan Rusheng had captured that moment, he’d definitely send it to Zhou Shuang. It was definitely something Yan Rusheng would do.

    “You guys look like you’re having fun.”

    Young Master Jiang, who observed by the sidelines, aimed his phone at them. He smiled as he videoed the scene.


    He replayed the video and the chaotic noises sounded from his phone.

    Yan Rusheng finally caught onto him and turned to him in panic. “Jiang Zhuoheng, what did you just do?”

    “Nothing much.” Jiang Zhuoheng shrugged his shoulders. He casually said, “You guys are enjoying yourselves so much, so I posted a short video on my WeChat, to let our old classmates know that the four of us are still so close. And that you guys are so unrestrained even after marriage, that you can have so much fun at an entertainment outlet.”

    Their expressions immediately turned dark.

    “Jiang Zhuoheng, delete it immediately,” Yan Rusheng warned as he flew towards him. He tried to snatch the phone out of his hands.

    Jiang Zhuoheng dodged his attack.

    Yan Rusheng didn’t give up and gave chase.

    Ming Ansheng turned stark white in fear. He asked Jiang Zhuoheng, “Ah Heng, did you really do that?”