Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1973

    Chapter 1973 Men Without Rights Part Three

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    The pretty service attendants entered the room in a row. They were each carrying different things: wine, fruit platters, various snacks

    The three men sat on the sofa.

    The service attendants walked over to the coffee table and squatted, placing their items on the table.

    The way they squatted made the three men on the sofa seem more distinguished.

    “Hope the Young Masters have an enjoyable time.”

    The row of service attendants bowed orderly, and their voices sounded exceptionally sweet.

    Ming Ansheng and Yan Rusheng had their heads bowed as they scrolled on their phones.

    Lu Yinan cleared his throat, trying to give himself confidence. He said to the attendants, “The mixed-blooded princesses that arrived yesterday, send them here.”

    Through the second half of his sentence, he began to lose his confidence.

    The service attendant at the front of the row smiled and nodded. “Sure. I’ll arrange for it now.”

    After the service attendants left, Ming Ansheng doubtfully looked at Lu Yinan. “Are you sure?”

    Lu Yinan raised his eyebrows. “You guys are afraid?”

    F*ck. He was afraid too!

    If they were caught, they would be in a cold war with their wives, and they’d be tortured with abstinence.

    Yan Rusheng smiled coldly. “Nonsense. Aren’t we just singing and drinking? What’s there to be afraid of?”

    Then he puffed out his chest, seemingly brimming with confidence.

    Ming Ansheng burst into laughter. As he stared at Yan Rusheng, he said, “Why is‘I’m so scared’written all over your face?”

    “How’s that possible?” asked Yan Rusheng with a frown.

    He couldn’t help but touch his face.


    Lu Yinan and Ming Ansheng laughed at his action.

    At that moment, the door to the VIP room flung open.

    A tall figure strolled in. Ming Ansheng looked over. “Ah Heng is here.”

    Jiang Zhuoheng was wearing black casual wear. It made his figure look slim and perfect. He smiled and walked towards them.

    Yan Rusheng was shocked to see him. He coldly said, “He actually came? Did the sun rose from the west today?”

    Ming Ansheng replied, “I only told him what you said. He agreed readily.”

    Young Master Yan frowned. “F*ck. This fellow isn’t going to admit he’s weaker than me?”

    If he agreed readily, it proved that he wasn’t afraid of him.

    He glanced at the stuff on the table: beer and various kinds of hard liquor. Tonight, he’d make sure Jiang Zhuoheng admitted defeat.

    Not just in love, but in terms of alcohol tolerance and strength as well. He was inferior to him in every way.

    Jiang Zhuoheng had already walked to the sofa. Ming Ansheng made him sit beside him.

    “Hu Xiaoxiao didn’t stop you from coming?” Lu Yinan asked Jiang Zhuoheng.

    Jiang Zhuoheng pressed his lips. He breezily replied, “Isn’t it normal for a man to have social gatherings, drink, and sing with his friends?”

    His sentence pierced through the hearts of Young Master Ming, Young Master Yan, and Young Master Lu.

    ‘Knock, knock, knock.’

    Knocks sounded from the door. Lu Yinan gave a reply.

    The door opened and the service attendant from earlier came in. This time, she brought with her a row of slender, long-haired beauties.

    The pretty women had different colored hair, but they wore the same thing: pink tube mini dresses which revealed their slender, fair legs.