Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1972

    Chapter 1972 Men Without Rights Part Two

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    He just wanted some action tonight.

    Zhou Shuang had extinguished Young Master Lu’s heated desire. He flipped over and got off the bed from the other side.

    Zhou Shuang kept her eyes closed, continuing with her facial massage. Young Master Lu’s confidence was crushed. He pointed at her and said, “Don’t regret it when I leave the room.”

    “Tsk.” Zhou Shuang didn’t open her eyes once.

    Young Master Lu frowned bitterly, but he didn’t say a word.

    He turned around and trudged out of the door.

    He walked straight into the study room. He logged in to WeChat and opened the group with Yan Rusheng and Ming Ansheng.‘Let’s go out for a drink.’

    Yan Rusheng replied immediately.‘Zhou Shuang kicked you off the bed again?’

    Ming Ansheng replied after.‘She must’ve chased him into the study again.’

    The word‘again’pierced through Young Master Lu’s heart. He didn’t have much power at home. He was often bossed around by his wife.

    His morale was just crushed by his wife, and he refused to be a laughingstock for his friends. After some thought, he replied,‘Won’t one lose their beauty if you see them for prolonged periods of time?’

    Without waiting for their replies, he added,‘Yan Rusheng, you can’t be smug when Wen Xuxu is around. You have to change the children’s diapers and wrap dumplings I understand why you don’t dare to even glance at another woman when you go out.’

    ‘Ming Ansheng, you’re even worse. Your princess is pregnant and I predict that you have the least say at home now. I won’t laugh at you if you guys can’t leave the house.’

    In reality, he knew that the other two were bored out of their minds. They replied immediately after he sent the message. They must’ve been playing on their phones or reading the news and scrolling through WeChat.

    Yan Rusheng replied,‘Sure, let’s go out. You’re on.’

    Young Master Lu was shocked. Such a low taunting tactic actually worked on Yan Rusheng?!

    Then Ming Ansheng replied,‘Don’t blame us if Zhou Shuang disciplines you.’

    Did both of them just agree?

    Lu Yinan’s eyes brightened. He rubbed his hands and grinned at the keyboard. He replied,‘There are some mixed-blood beauties at The First Wealth. They arrived yesterday.’

    Ming Ansheng replied,‘You’re so well-informed. Young Master Lu is indeed the most popular one there.’

    Young Master Lu felt embarrassed.‘That’s true. I’m their super VVVIP.’

    Who didn’t know Young Master Lu at The First Wealth?

    Yan Rusheng replied,‘Let’s go then. I’m bored out of my mind at home.’

    Lu Yinan finally felt more at ease. He wasn’t the only one being neglected by his wife. He replied,‘Let’s go!’

    Ming Ansheng added,‘Invite Ah Heng as well.’

    Yan Rusheng replied,‘Ha, he acts all refined and noble, and his alcohol tolerance is so low. Why should he come?’

    Ming Ansheng replied,‘Just you wait. I’ll definitely make him come.’

    The First Wealth was filled with bright neon lights and the entire bar exuded an extravagant and flourishing sight.

    Young Master Lu wasn’t bragging. He was indeed a VVVIP of The First Wealth. Just one call and the biggest private room was cleared out for him.