Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1971

    Chapter 1971 Men Without Rights Part One

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    Yan Rusheng returned from the study room. Xuxu was sitting cross-legged on the sofa. In front of her was a pile of documents. She was engrossed in her work.

    She had already showered and was wearing a nightgown. Sitting cross-legged, she revealed her fair legs and subtly revealed her chest area. It fanned Young Master Yan’s desire. He walked over lecherously. “Wife.”

    He didn’t sit down beside her. She lifted her head to give him a warning look. “Don’t disturb me. I haven’t finished preparing the documents for tomorrow’s meeting. You can sleep first.”

    “There’s no need to prepare,” Yan Rusheng replied. He bent over and tried to take the documents out of her hands.

    Xuxu grabbed it tightly and pointed at him. She raised her eyebrows threateningly. “Yan Rusheng, are you leaving or not?”

    Yan Rusheng pouted in dissatisfaction. “Am I more important, or your work is?”

    Xuxu looked at him contemptuously. “Yan Rusheng, do you feel ashamed of making Su Yan go for all the business trips? He’s handling all the overseas projects alone.”

    “How’s he doing it alone? Isn’t someone else with him?” Yan Rusheng continued, “Hmph, I envy him, even. His business trip is akin to a honeymoon. Now that he’s the one going, it’s saving us some funds. In the past, we needed to book two rooms, and now, only one. How great is that?”

    He was imagining how novel and exciting it must be, to spend time with someone in different places.

    “Go, go, go.” Wen Xuxu didn’t want to hear his nonsense any longer. She pushed him away.

    Although he was unwilling, Young Master Yan didn’t dare to refuse. He dejectedly said, “Then I’ll play some games in the study room. I’ll be waiting for you.”

    The Lu mansion.

    Zhou Shuang was lying in bed after her shower. She was massaging her face with essential oil. She closed her eyes in bliss.

    The other side of the bed slumped and she knew that Lu Yinan was on the bed as well. She shifted away, seemingly avoiding him.

    Lu Yinan moved closer to her. He hugged her waist and grinned. “Shuang, The country rolled out a two-child policy. Look, Ming Ansheng and Su Yue were smart enough to make use of it. Let’s do the same.”

    Zhou Shuang turned around and rolled her eyes. “Lu Yinan, don’t bite off more than you can chew. More children?”

    Then she closed her eyes and continued massaging.

    Lu Yinan smiled and continued, “Although we already have three children, they’re from your first pregnancy. Since the government came up with this policy, everyone has the right to benefit. Wouldn’t it be a shame if we waste it?”

    Zhou Shuang knew that his main objective was s*x. But if another child was created from it, it would be a plus.

    She didn’t want to give birth again. Pregnancy was torture.

    “What warped logic? I just finished yoga, I’m dead beat. Leave me alone.”

    Then she pushed him away contemptuously.

    The man held her arm tightly and had refused to let go. “But I want more children.”

    Zhou Shuang continued pushing him away. “Take care of those three imps first. They annoy me to death every day.”

    “Okay.” Lu Yinan nodded. “Let’s go to an island for our honeymoon tomorrow. The rooms there have been vacant for a long time.”

    Zhou Shuang turned and frowned at him. “Lu Yinan, are you human? You want to ditch the three kids at home and enjoy a vacation by ourselves?”

    Lu Yinan was speechless