Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1970 5

    Chapter 1970 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Seventy Six

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    The Yan mansion.

    Wen Xuxu had just finished her shower. Habitually, she scrolled through her WeChat before bed. The first post she clicked on was Ming Anshengs.

    The Heavens indeed reward those who are hardworking. Im grateful and thankful. Thankful to our Yueyue. Im so excited!

    He even attached his wedding photo with Su Yue.

    Wen Xuxu read it over and over again, but she didnt understand what he was trying to say.

    But she knew that it mustve been something worth celebrating. She felt his smugness through his caption.

    "Who are you talking to? Youre so engrossed."

    "I dont know what Ming Anshengs bragging about in the middle of the night. What nonsense about gratefulness and thankfulness?"

    Yan Rusheng quickened his pace and walked to the bed. He bent over and read Ming Anshengs post.

    Then he added, "Hes becoming a father once again. Hes already in his thirties. I dont know why hes so smug."

    "Yueyues pregnant?" Xuxu asked excitedly.

    Then she continued, "I have to call her."

    She dialed Su Yues number immediately.

    Su Yue picked up on the first ring. Xuxu eagerly asked, "Yueyue, youre pregnant again?"

    Her direct question embarrassed Su Yue. "This Ming Ansheng. We dont know anything for sure yet. I dont know what hes bragging about."

    Xuxu became even more excited. "Tell me what happened. Ill know."

    Su Yue told her what happened and Xuxu clapped her thigh in excitement. "It must be, without a doubt. This is great!"

    Yan Rusheng frowned at his wifes eagerness.

    Ming Ansheng was going to be a father, but she seemed more excited than him.

    It made him unhappy.

    "Then you should have a good rest. Ill accompany you to the checkup tomorrow." Xuxu told her some things that she needed to take note of.

    Su Yue already had a husband. Shouldnt the husband accompany her instead? Why was she being so extra? She wasnt needed!

    After Xuxu ended the call, Yan Rusheng removed the towel that was wrapped around his body. He pinned her down and said, "Wen Xuxu, I think youre too bored. Youre too energetic and you need another pregnancy."

    He said as he peeled off her clothes domineeringly.

    Xuxu was speechless.

    Yan Rusheng ignored her protests. He was burning with desire.

    Xuxu gritted her teeth. She pounded on his shoulder and reminded, "Yan Rusheng, condom."

    Yan Rusheng pouted and started throwing a tantrum. "I dont want the condom. I want more children."

    Xuxu frowned. "We already have two, and you want more?"

    Yan Rusheng smiled lecherously.

    In the VIP waiting area, a man in a tuxedo was reading his documents. His legs were crossed gracefully.

    An equally handsome male secretary walked over and reminded softly, "President Su, 10 minutes to boarding."

    Su Yan glanced at his wristwatch. Then he closed his documents and stuffed them into his briefcase. He stood up.

    He walked towards the exit of the waiting area.

    "Dear passengers, the flight to the capital city"

    The broadcaster announced that the boarding for his flight had commenced, indicating that boarding for the economy class had commenced too.

    Su Yan increased his pace and he walked toward the boarding counter.

    "Ive got it. Ill call you when I arrive."

    Suddenly, a familiar female voice sounded near him. He stopped and stared at the woman who just brushed past him.

    She was tall and slender, and she was wearing a red coat. She was walking as she talked on the phone. Her black stiletto heels made loud thuds as she walked.

    Every thud from her heels hitting the floor reverberated in Su Yans heart.

    He stared after her in a daze.

    Suddenly, the thudding stopped as well. The female figure froze.

    She turned around.

    Time seemed to come to a standstill.

    Su Yan smiled at her beautiful face.

    This smile, he owed her.