Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1969 5

    Chapter 1969 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Seventy Five

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    "Shes so annoying. Women are so troublesome," Ming Beichen complained as he retracted his gaze. When he met Su Yues gaze, he immediately grinned and added, "Other than you, Stepmother."

    Then he hugged her arm obsequiously. He cooed, "My pretty and kind stepmother, did you bring me any food? Im starving."

    He rubbed his tummy as he acted pitifully.

    Su Yue knocked his head. "Lets go home to eat, then sleep early. Uncle is coming back tomorrow. Im bringing you and Xiaojiao to the airport to fetch him."

    Beibei was elated. "Great, I can finally see Uncle again! I wonder if he bought me the Transformers toy and the entire Avengers series."

    Su Yue couldnt stand him any longer. His sugar-coated words instantly bribed her. She rubbed his head affectionately and said, "As long as you say the word, Im sure he will get it for you."

    Three of them got into the car.

    Xiaojiao and Beibei sat in the back row while Su Yue drove. Just after she finished buckling her seatbelt and was about to start the car, Xiaojiao suddenly said, "Mommy, I want to eat ice-cream."

    Su Yue turned back and glanced at her. "Theres some at home. Well eat at home."

    Xiaojiao was ecstatic. She nodded obediently. "Mm."

    Su Yue glanced at her through the rearview mirror and shook her head helplessly.

    This little lass loyalty towards ice-cream surpassed even Xuxus loyalty towards Yan Rusheng.


    The moment she entered the house, she saw Ming Ansheng sitting on the sofa. Without taking off her shoes, Xiaojiao eagerly ran into the house and jumped into his embrace.

    "Xiaojiao, did you accompany Mommy to fetch Brother?" Ming Ansheng asked. He then carried her and kissed her cheek affectionately.

    Xiaojiao nodded. "Mm. Mommy agreed to let me eat ice-cream."

    She could forget everything, but she wouldnt forget about her ice-cream.

    "You only remember something when it comes to eating." Su Yue walked over after changing out of her shoes. She gave her a dirty look before walking straight to the kitchen. "Ill go get it for you."

    She came out after a while, holding an ice-cream in one hand and a small cake in the other. She walked towards the sofa.


    Su Yue passed the ice-cream to Xiaojiao and the cake to Beibei.

    Beibei placed his bag down. He took the cake from her and scooped some. He was about to stuff it into his mouth when he thought of something and looked up at Su Yue. "Stepmother, have some."

    Then he stood up and raised his arm, sending the spoon towards her mouth.

    Su Yue didnt reject his thoughtfulness. She opened her mouth and ate a mouthful of cream.


    When she cream entered her mouth, she suddenly felt the urge to puke.

    She hurriedly squatted and faced the trash can.


    Ming Ansheng hurriedly placed Xiaojiao down and went over to her. He patted her back and asked, "Whats wrong?"

    "I feel sick" Su Yue replied before she continued vomiting.

    "What happened?"

    Wang Yuexiang was climbing down the steps and she quickened her pace when she saw Su Yue puking.

    Su Yue replied, "I dont know. The cake made me feel sick."

    Wang Yuexiang asked Su Yue in excitement. "How long has it been since your period was due?"

    "Erm" Su Yue hesitated. After some thought, she replied, "I think its been quite a few days."

    "Silly girl. How could you forget about this?" Wang Yuexiang bent down to support her as she smiled.

    Su Yue was still in a daze. But Ming Ansheng had recovered from his shock. He carried Su Yue saying, "My darling wife."

    After spinning her for two rounds, he placed her down after Wang Yuexiang chided him. Then he picked up his phone excitedly and said, "I have to share this on WeChat."