Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1967 5

    Chapter 1967 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Seventy Three

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    Yan Rusheng was speechless.

    "Hahaha." Zhou Shuang laughed at his expense. "Yan Rusheng, just you wait. Your darling daughter which you so painstakingly brought up will end up moving into my house one day."

    It was simply delightful to see the pretentious one get humiliated.

    Yan Rusheng retracted his gaze and turned to her. With a cold smile, he said, "Ha, what your house? Youre an intruder yourself."

    Zhou Shuang was speechless.

    "Both of you, stop quarreling. Ive had enough!"

    Wen Xuxu spoke up to clear the air.

    Then she patted the flour off her hands and stood up. "Arent we playing mahjong? Hurry up. We need to sleep soon."

    "Whos playing?"



    Zhou Shuang and Su Yue raised their hands eagerly, as though they were afraid that they wouldnt get the opportunity to play.

    In reality, there were only so few of them. Who was going to snatch their places?

    "Including me, we have three players. We need one more," Xuxu said, her gaze swept across the congregation. Her gaze finally landed on Su Yan. "Su Yan, you play."

    Su Yan lifted his head and smiled. "Im tired. You guys go ahead."

    His smile seemed forced.

    Xuxu pressed her lips and didnt force him. Then she shifted her gaze onto the other three men.

    Just as she was about to ask which of them wanted to play, Mu Li said from behind them, "Ill play."

    She said as she placed the dumpling down and stood up. She took off her apron and rolled it up. She threw it to Yan Rusheng. "Were going to play mahjong. You can finish wrapping the dumplings."

    Yan Rusheng instinctively caught the apron. He stared at her in bewilderment.

    Was she serious? She wanted him to finish wrapping the dumplings?

    He frowned and was about to object when Xuxu pointed at him. "Finish wrapping them before we finish mahjong. Or else, dont sleep tonight."

    Then she asked the rest of them to head into the room.

    Yan Rusheng was speechless.

    "Hahaha." Young Master Lu laughed exaggeratedly at Young Master Yan, who didnt dare to refute his wife. His laughter reverberated around the hall.

    Ming Ansheng stared at Lu Yinan in envy. How he wished he could laugh at Yan Rusheng so openly as well.

    Then he looked at the dumplings on the coffee table and decided to leave first.

    He stood up hurriedly and prepared to follow after them.


    "Ming Ansheng, lets talk about our partnership."

    Yan Rushengs sinister voice sounded from behind him. Young Master Ming halted in his steps indignantly, but he didnt dare to step forward.

    He had already discussed his wedding date with Yan Rusheng. If it were to be postponed because of some dumplings

    Young Master Ming did some calculations and in the end, he turned around and walked back towards him.

    Without a word, he walked to the coffee table, squatted, and started wrapping.

    "Can we eat that if you dont wash your hands?"

    Young Master Ming had just picked up a dumpling skin when Yan Rusheng complained.

    Even Su Yan laughed when he saw this.

    Su Yan looked at the clock in the living room. He stood up and said, "Im leaving."

    He bade goodbye to the rest of them before walking towards the door.

    It was chilly outside. The temperature was below zero degrees and Su Yan was only wearing thin casual wear. He walked on the pitch-black road.

    It was New Years Eve and fireworks were set off in the sky from all directions.

    Unknowingly, he faced the building and lifted his head into the darkness.

    The words Flourish & Prosper reflected the moonlight.