Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1966 5

    Chapter 1966 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Seventy Two

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    It was obvious who he was referring to.

    Everyone turned to Su Yan. He was looking at his phone screen, but his screen was black.

    They couldnt see his face, so they didnt know what he was thinking of.

    Su Yue looked at Su Yan before asking Yan Rusheng. "We havent confirmed the identity of the person in the photo. How do you know if shes Xin Yanting?"

    Actually, up until now, she didnt know how her brother felt towards her.

    She felt that he wasnt completely devoid of feelings towards her, but she didnt have proof. He always appeared so calm and cool. It was hard to see through him.

    "Wenxin, Wenxin."

    "Brother Nuoxing."

    Suddenly, childrens voices sounded from the front door. They were calling for Yan Nuoxing and Yan Wenxin.

    Lu Yinans family had arrived. The three kids ran into the house without even taking off their shoes.

    Little Master Lu was wearing a green coat and it complemented his fair skin. Yan Wenxin rushed towards him excitedly. "First Lu."

    They acted as though they met once a year. They held hands and swung their hands back and forth.

    The adults found it ridiculous.

    Jiaojiao and Yanyan ran towards Yan Nuoxing.

    Yanyan, who Yan Nuoxing often neglected, had forgotten about the countless times he hurt her feelings. Whenever she was angry, she would always start chasing him again within 10 minutes, calling out his name as she did.

    Even if Brother Nuoxing hurt her feelings a million times, shed still treat him as her first love!

    "Brother Nuoxing."

    Jiaojiao and Yanyan enjoyed playing with Yan Nuoxing. As usual, Yanyan would possessively grab Yan Nuoxing with both arms, not giving Jiaojiao a chance.

    She didnt ask for his permission either. As long as she liked it.

    The living room instantly became much livelier. The childrens voices were bright.

    Yan Rusheng frowned and looked contemptuously at the children.

    "All of you, go upstairs to the childrens room. Stop making a din." Young Master Yan couldnt take it any longer and chased them away.

    The children immediately rushed upstairs.

    "Come, let me show you the drawing in my room. I drew it during the summer holidays." Yan Wenxin held First Lus hand and brought him upstairs.

    "I drew many pictures too. I was going to give them to you, but I forgot to bring them."

    "Its alright. You can pass them to me when I go to your house next time."

    Both of them chatted happily as they walked hand-in-hand up the stairs.

    Yan Rusheng couldnt take it. He rushed forward. "You rascal. What are you doing?"

    He bent over and broke them apart. Then he gave First Lu a warning glare.

    In his eyes, First Lu was a human trafficker and would kidnap his daughter any time.

    Yan Rushengs outburst had stunned First Lu. He glared at him, confused as to why he was so livid.

    All the other adults watched from the sidelines.

    Zhou Shuang looked contemptuously at Yan Rusheng. "A true petty man."

    He was protecting his daughter at all costs, devoid of all morals.

    Seeing that her father had scolded her boyfriend, Yan Wenxin was furious. She snorted and said, "Annoying Daddy."

    Then she grabbed First Lus hand and brought him upstairs stubbornly.