Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1965 5

    Chapter 1965 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Seventy One

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    Xuxu took the phone from him and scrutinized the photo. It only showed the back view of the bride.

    Everyone was still reeling in shock from the news of Young Master Jiangs sudden marriage. Nobody noticed the look of delight on Young Master Yans face.

    "This bride is Xin Yanting?" Xuxu stared at the photo for a moment before returning it to Ming Ansheng. "Look, this looks like Xin Yanting, not Hu Xiaoxiao."

    The group of them huddled together to study the woman in the photo.

    It was hard to tell because it was only a picture of her back view. Furthermore, her hair was down and she was wearing a wedding gown.

    Su Yue stared at it for a while, but she couldnt come to a conclusion. She pressed her lips and her gaze swept past Yan Rusheng.

    There was a malicious gleam in her eye.

    Then she left the group and continued wrapping the dumplings. She said, "It cant be Jiang Zhuoheng. Hes not marrying my third sister-in-law, so how can it be a blissful day?"

    Everyone knew that Xuxu was buried deep inside Jiang Zhuohengs heart.

    All of them were speechless.

    Young Master Yans expression turned darker than coal. He gritted his teeth and glared maliciously at Su Yue.

    Su Yue pressed her lips and pretended that nothing happened. She continued wrapping her dumplings.

    The atmosphere became tense. Ming Ansheng pressed his lips. He felt lowly compared to Yan Rusheng, so he didnt dare to laugh at him.

    Mainly because he hadnt married Su Yue yet. If not, he wouldnt even care a hoot about him!

    Xuxu pressed her lips and glanced at Yan Rusheng. Then she studied Su Yue. She was acting ignorant and she was doing quite well.

    Mu Li, who had been wrapping dumplings since the start, observed the situation and knocked Su Yues head. "This lass, how could you joke about this? Not afraid that your Third Brother will punch you?"

    In reality, she was enjoying it the most. More than Lu Yinan and Ming Ansheng, she wanted to see Yan Rushengs expression darken.

    Su Yue stuck her tongue out at her. "Cant I even say the truth now? I was stating a fact."

    Although it wasnt suitable in this setting, it was indeed the truth.

    If Ah Heng was getting married, but he wasnt marrying Xuxu, then he couldnt have captioned it as blissful.

    So Su Yues words rang true.

    Just that she probably shouldnt have said it in front of her third brother.

    "You guys can head back," Yan Rusheng said in a sinister voice.

    "Why?" Su Yue pouted. "Im not going back. I invited Sister Hooligan to play mahjong. Theyre reaching soon."

    It was New Years Eve and she came to join in the bustling atmosphere. How could she go back so early?

    Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows. "Did I agree?"

    "We didnt ask you to play. You think too highly of yourself." Su Yue side-glanced him and rolled her eyes at him.

    In indignance and contempt.

    Ming Ansheng was secretly delighted. Every time Yan Rusheng lost to Su Yues vicious tongue, he felt incredibly pleased.

    It was a good thing. Rather, it was pretty exciting. He lost to Yan Rusheng, but his wife helped him take revenge.

    Only Ming Ansheng was capable of having such reasoning.

    Yan Rusheng was speechless.

    He gritted his teeth and knocked her head. "Even Xin Yanting is getting married. Yet youre not concerned about someone elses singlehood."