Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1964 5

    Chapter 1964 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Seventy

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    "Uncle, Aunt, I wish you prosperity. My red packet, please."

    Xiaojiao was wearing a red coat. She had grown much taller. The moment she entered, she walked to the sofa to ask for red packets.

    Su Yan heard Xiaojiao and shifted his gaze away from the television. He placed down the dumpling he was wrapping and patted the flour off his hands before making his way towards her with a smile.

    When he was a few steps away from her, he bent over and extended his arms. She flew into his embrace and he carried her up.

    "Give Uncle a kiss," Su Yan said as he pointed at his face.

    Xiaojiao snorted in disdain. She pouted and said, "Not kissing you. Men and women shouldnt get too close."

    This made the congregation erupt in laughter.

    Only Su Yue was stunned. Then she smiled and said, "You must have learned that from Yanyan, that little devil."

    Xiaojiao ignored their laughter as though it had nothing to do with her. She extended her hands towards him and said, "Uncle, my red packet."

    Su Yan frowned. "You didnt kiss me and youre still asking for a red packet?"

    "Only Uncles wife can kiss Uncle," Xiaojiao said as she pouted. She tilted her chin away from him.

    Su Yan smiled and asked, "Who said so?"

    Without a doubt, she mustve learned it from her mother.

    "Mommy said so."

    Xiaojiao replied truthfully as she pointed at Su Yue.

    Su Yue pressed her lips and blinked. "Yes. You have no wife so no one will kiss you for the rest of your life."

    She was enjoying life right now. The only thing on her mind was a sister-in-law.

    When would she be getting a sister-in-law?

    Su Yan turned around in amusement. He looked at Yan Wenxin, who was kneeling by the coffee table and engrossed in wrapping her dumpling. He called out to her. "Wenxin, come give uncle a kiss."

    Yan Wenxin looked up and rolled her eyes. "No way. The master will get jealous."

    The master she was referring to was Little Master Lu. They were a couple.

    She had a boyfriend now. She wouldnt kiss anyone else.

    This was the first time in five years that Su Yue brought Xiaojiao home for the new year.

    Su Yue saw Xuxu and the rest wrapping dumplings and she wanted to try too. She washed her hands and emerged from the kitchen. She eagerly picked up a piece of dumpling skin and started wrapping.

    Su Yan was among them.

    Yan Rusheng was playing in the corner with Xiaojiao and Yan Wenxin.

    He willingly let them ride him like a horse.

    The poor Yan Nuoxing could only watch from the side. Hed never experienced the love from his father.

    "Ah Heng got married without telling us?"

    Suddenly, Ming Ansheng, who was playing on his phone on the sofa, exclaimed in shock.

    Likewise, the shock was etched onto everyone elses faces.

    "What?" Xuxu didnt even place the dumpling she was wrapping down and rushed over to his side. "How did you know?"

    "Wen Xuxu, why are you so worked up?"

    Yan Rusheng was very unhappy with her reaction. Although he was very shocked himself, his thoughts were: Great! That fellow has finally gotten married.

    Xuxu ignored him and her eyes remained glued to Ming Anshengs phone screen.

    "He posted this. Hes in Country M." Ming Ansheng clicked on a photo Jiang Zhuoheng posted on WeChat. It was a photo of a woman in a wedding gown. He showed it to Xuxu. "He captioned it: A very blissful day.He mustve gotten married!"