Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1963 9

    Chapter 1963 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Nine

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    Su Yan watched as Mixiao she walked away, and he smiled quietly to himself.

    She said that she had learned ten years worth of lessons from him in a day. He shared the same sentiment as well. After being with her for more than twenty-four hours, he had walked out of the fantasy and understood the essence of love and life.

    Su Yans flight landed in the capital city in the evening. As he exited the airport, he raised his head to peer at the sky. There was no clear water, nor blue skies.

    He pulled his luggage as he left the VIP exit.

    There seemed to be a celebrity behind him. Numerous young girls were waiting with signboards and posters.

    "Ah Zhe!"

    A huge crowd suddenly swarmed Su Yan as they ran towards him..

    He was pushed back and the noise had made him frown in annoyance.

    His shirt got slightly crumpled because of the commotion, and so he smoothed the creases as he walked.

    When he raised his head, he spotted someone familiar. It left him rooted to the spot.

    The woman was wearing full makeup, and she seemed astonished and shocked to see him as well. She froze and shock was etched on her face.

    After getting over the initial shock, they quickly averted their gazes.

    Su Yan continued to march away in big strides. The woman stiffly walked away with her heels thudding against the floor. His heart unconsciously stirred when he heard it.

    He halted for a moment when she walked past him. He was about to turn around when a towering figure bolted in his direction.

    "Ting, they ran out of orange juice. They only have watermelon juice left."

    The muscular and buff man held a glass in his hand as he approached the woman.

    Su Yan continued on his way out.

    The setting sun cast a glow on his face and illuminated his gorgeous features. He sat and admired the fleeting scenery as he dwelled in the depths of his thoughts.

    Perhaps the scenery at the next junction or stop would be more beautiful.

    Half a year later.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    Su Yan was buried in work as usual when someone interrupted him. He answered without raising his head. "Enter."

    The door opened and a dainty girl walked in. She looked rather odd in her work attire, perhaps it was because of her youthful face. But overall, she looked clean and tidy.

    She held a white envelope in her hands as she strode towards Su Yan. "President Su."

    Mixiao stopped before the desk and stretched her hands to pass him the envelope.

    Su Yan glanced at the envelope and he was momentarily taken aback. And with a smile, he casually asked Mixiao, "What is this?"

    In a crisp and clear voice, Mixiao replied, "I started an ice-skating rink in my hometown."

    "You are a boss now." Su Yan put his pen down and lazily slumped back on his chair.

    He gazed at Mixiao with a gentle smile. He looked rather placid.

    Mixiao smiled. "I want to do something I like."

    "I will go and support you if I have the chance." Su Yan extended his hand to receive the resignation letter.

    Mixiao bowed, looking grateful. "Thank you, President Su."

    Su Yan pursed his lips. "Ive mentioned this before. You did this with your own effort."

    "President Su, all the best in your future endeavors and may your life be smooth-sailing." Mixiao gave him a thumbs up.

    They didnt exchange too many pleasantries, and they bade each other goodbye.

    It was Chinese New Year, and the sounds of firecrackers filled the air.

    After reunion dinner, Ming Anshengs family came over to visit the Yans. Xuxu and the rest were making dumplings as they watched a variety show.