Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1962 9

    Chapter 1962 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Eight

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    "If you dont persevere until the end, dont mention wasting your effort. How would you know if you have thrown away the goal that you have almost achieved?"

    Su Yans voice rang above her, and Mixiao blinked quietly to herself.

    "One more pair eliminated! Four pairs left!"

    The hosts voice echoed around.

    Mixiaos soul was drawn back and she studied her surroundings. The pair behind them had dropped out.

    She pressed her lips as she glanced at Su Yan. Her palm-sized face looked determined.

    Su Yan smiled as droplets of sweat rolled down his face.

    They persevered all the way until they were declared the winners.

    Mixiao received the prizes and the reporters frantically snapped away.

    As requested by the resort management, they needed her to stand with her prizes for a photo. She faced the cameras with a proud smile.

    It was as though she had left her fear behind, and she was standing on the podium to receive her trophy.

    Confidence overflowed from within and she looked exceedingly beautiful.

    "President Su, thank you! This diamond ring is yours."

    Su Yan and Mixiao exited the venue. Mixiao quickly stuffed the diamond ring in Su Yans hands. She held the complimentary voucher in her hands carefully.

    "I dont need it." Su Yan gently shook his head and rejected her offer.

    But Mixiao insisted that he should have it. "I know you can afford dozens of diamond rings, but these prizes belong to us. We should divide them since we worked together."

    She stuffed the ring into Su Yans hand.

    Su Yan bent as he examined the heart-shaped ring box with a faint smile.

    He received the ring quietly.

    He raised his head and said, "Ive already spoken to the manager here. If you need anything for the next few days, you can ask him for help."

    Mixiao widened her eyes in surprise. "President Su, are you going back?"

    Su Yan nodded. "My flight is in the afternoon."

    Mixiao frowned. "Didnt you say you wanted to stay for two more days?"

    "No matter how wonderful or beautiful the scenery is, one will get fatigued if its too excessive." Su Yan glanced afar at the clear blue waters. After a while, he turned towards her and smiled. "I should just keep it in my heart, and think about it from time to time."

    "Hmmm" Mixiao couldnt quite comprehend Su Yans analogy. "Thank you, President Su."

    Su Yan smiled and pressed on. "You dont have to thank me. You put in the effort to achieve what you wanted."

    Mixiao grinned and earnestly said, "President Su, I feel like Ive learned ten years worth of lessons from you in a day."

    Su Yan raised his eyebrows. "Fawning on me?"

    "No, I am not!" Mixiao waved her hands frantically as she grinned at Su Yan. "Then can I hitch a ride from you to the airport?"

    Su Yan surveyed her quietly with his brows raised. Mixiao suddenly blushed bashfully.

    "I want to go back home."

    Su Yan nodded and didnt probe further. "My flight is at 3:30 p.m., so we have to leave at 2:40 p.m."

    "Okay, sure!" Mixiao smiled happily.

    They fell quiet, and yet he still felt comfortable and relaxed around her.

    Just as he was about to achieve his goal of tranquility and peace, he had the thought that perhaps he needed some excitement in his life.

    If not, it would be too boring or lethargic.