Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1961 9

    Chapter 1961 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Seven

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    Chapter 1961: Dont Even Consider, Its Unforgettable (Part Sixty-Seven)

    She was such an ordinary woman, and there was no way he would fall for her.

    But his actions spoke otherwise. What was he up to since yesterday?

    She couldnt understand.

    Mixiao mulled over it quietly in her head while Su Yan interrupted. "I dont mean it that way."

    As though Mixiao couldnt understand him, he expounded, "I have no reason or need to have a fling with my secretary."

    His smile was unwavering.

    Mixiao was speechless.

    Is President Su just like what Sister Xuxu described him to be? A real gentleman?

    No, she doesnt believe it!

    Su Yan knew that she was still doubtful of his intentions, and he gave a low chuckle. With a stoic expression, he said, "Lets go. I assume you still want the prizes."

    He turned around and strode towards the stage.

    Mixiao stared at Su Yan, before glancing at the screen which had flashed the prizes.

    She bit her lip and hesitated for several seconds. She gritted her teeth and began walking.

    The moment Su Yan and Mixiao stood on stage, the cameras began to snap away relentlessly.

    Mixiao felt a little uncomfortable and she averted her face to avoid the cameras.

    Everyone including the host, reporters, and guests were shocked to see Su Yan enter the contest.

    Although he was the boss of the resort, he still had to rely on his capability to win the contest.

    So no one had any objection, and they were merely curious about who Mixiao was.

    "The contest is about to begin. Everyone, please get ready. We will start the timing at any moment."

    The host glanced at the time as he spoke.

    With a stopwatch in his hand and several tense moments later, he shouted, "Start!"

    Everyone hoisted, lifted, or carried their partners immediately.

    Mixiao was still wondering how Su Yan would carry her when she was lifted off her feet in an abrupt manner. He placed his hands under her thighs and behind her back, and then he lifted her up.

    But Su Yan didnt carry her so intimately like the rest of the couples. He stood straight and didnt look at Mixiao at all.

    Mixiao didnt put her arms around Su Yans neck and merely held on to his sturdy-looking shoulders. She eyed his chin quietly.

    Most of the other contestants used this method, while some tried different ways.

    As time flew by, many contestants started dropping out.

    Gradually, only a handful of their rivals remained.

    The event was held outdoors and it was almost noon. The sun shone over their heads, and the contestants started to perspire.

    Both Su Yan and Mixiao perspired as wellmostly because of the pressure and temperature.

    Su Yans sweat dripped from his face down to his chin and Mixiaos forehead.

    "President Su, should we give up?" Mixiao surveyed her surroundings as she counted the pairs. There were six more and all the men looked buff and stout.

    Su Yan was the skinniest amongst them, and she was worried that they would lose, eventually.

    And as they were the few remaining ones left, the spectators were all watching and talking about them in hushed whispers. She had a hunch that they would hit the headlines tomorrow.

    Mixiao began to get worried and she wanted to give up. Su Yan displayed no intention of giving up, so she whispered, "President Su, let me down. I dont want the prizes anymore."

    "Mixiao, is this how you gave up your dream?" Su Yan bent and studied Mixiao. He looked solemn.

    Mixiao heard him and bowed her head.