Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1960 9

    Chapter 1960 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Six

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    Without waiting for Mixiao to reply, he reminded her of the harsh reality. "Anyway, you dont have any leave to take."

    "Oh right." Mixiao hung her head and looked like a deflated balloon. Her lips sunk and she had lost all her fighting spirit.

    She had second thoughts about entering the contest.

    That was true. Even if he helped her win the complimentary voucher, what was the use? She had no time to stay on this beautiful island.

    She seemed dejected when Su Yan cut across, "But you can sell it at a discounted price."

    Mixiao heard him and raised her head. She stared at Su Yan, looking puzzled by suggestions. "Thats not very nice, isnt it?"

    She glanced at the stage that was packed with contestants. All of them looked determined to win. She mumbled, "I think we should let the real couples have a chance. They deserve the resort stay and the diamond ring."

    She still looked as if she was a little reluctant and sad.

    "Lets go."

    Su Yan suddenly grabbed Mixiaos wrist and pulled her towards the stage.

    Mixiao was an athlete, so she was quite strong for a girl. It took Su Yan a considerable amount of effort to pull her along as she resisted.

    He glanced back at her and said, "Give it a try. If you dont want the prizes, you can give it to me."

    Mixiao frowned and protested. "President Su, the resort belongs to your family, right?"

    Why would he need a complimentary stay?

    "If you have a travel partner in mind, I can consider giving you a week of leave."

    Su Yan stopped in his tracks when they got to the stage. He relinquished his grip on her hand and grinned at her.

    He quietly observed the changes in her expression. From shock, it changed to surprise, then evolved into excitement. The transition was what he had anticipated and what he wanted to see.

    "Really!?" Mixiao peered at him with a twinkle in her eyes. She looked thrilled.

    Su Yan narrowed his eyes. "Do I look like a liar?"

    A breeze ruffled Mixiaos hair and blew some of her hair across her face.

    Su Yan couldnt help himself and unconsciously tucked her hair behind her ear. He was very gentle, as though she was something that he cherished.

    His actions had shocked Mixiao. Her mouth widened as she blankly stared at him.

    What was President Su trying to do? What was he doing?

    "A penny for your thoughts?" Su Yan broke into a captivating smile.

    "President Su?" Mixiao spluttered as she retreated backward.

    Su Yans hand hovered in mid-air as he peered at Mixiao. She looked wary and cautious and it made him chuckle. His gorgeous face seemed to glitter brilliantly in the sunlight.

    Mixiao frowned with disapproval and hostility. "President Su, what are you doing? Why are you so nice to me?"

    She finally realized that something was amiss.

    He gave in to her during dinner, and deliberately let her win so that she wouldnt need to work overtime in the future.

    Now, he suggested that they join the contest and even agreed to allow her to go on leave. Now he even tidied her hair.

    Su Yan merely maintained a smile in response.

    Mixiao pursed her lips when he didnt respond. She stiffly said, "President Su, I reckon we shouldnt join the contest. There is no reason for us to."

    She suspected that he, like other bosses, wanted to have a fling with his secretary

    Su Yan was really the epitome of being tall, wealthy, and handsome, and women would be at his beck and call.