Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1959 9

    Chapter 1959 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Five

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    She answered the call and walked to a quiet area.

    After Su Yan sat down, he accidentally caught a glimpse of Mixiao walking away in quick strides. He stared after her with a frown.

    He thought quietly to himself with a mixture of doubt and a puzzled look in his eyes.

    "There are plenty of couples present today! Great! Our first activity would be Hugs and Love."

    After the government officials had finished their speeches, the host began to explain the activity rules and prizes.

    "Regardless of whether the guy hugs the girl or vice versa, one party must lift their feet off the ground. You can choose your own method and the winner will be the pair who can hug each other until the very end. The prize would be a diamond ring from the Ocean celebrity series and a complimentary one week stay at our resort!"

    Diamond ring and a one-week stay!

    These two prizes were enough to stir the crowd. Almost all the guests who were present, including couples, friends, and families, wanted to vie for the prizes.

    "The prizes are really enticing."

    A familiar voice rang beside him and Su Yan glanced at her.

    Mixiao had appeared silently beside him.

    He was momentarily stumped before he asked, "Do you want it?"

    "Huh?" Mixiao blinked in confusion as she stared at Su Yan.

    A smile drifted across Su Yans face. "Shall we participate?"

    "You" Mixiao furrowed her eyebrows and asked apprehensively, "President Su, did I hear you wrongly? You want to participate in the activity with me?"

    They had to hug and the participants were mostly couples.

    It didnt seem too appropriate for them to participate.

    But she was tempted by the prizes as they were too attractive.

    Su Yan replied, "You heard me."

    Mixiaos eyes sparkled with excitement. "Who is going to get the prizes?"

    Su Yan grinned in amusement. "Do you think I would be interested in those?"

    That was true. Even if he were to give the diamond ring to his girlfriend, she might not even want it. As for the complimentary resort stay, this resort belonged to his family. Why would he want it?

    Mixiao pressed her lips as she smiled brightly at Su Yan. "If we win, the diamond ring is yours, and I take the resort voucher. Okay?"

    Su Yan noticed how enthusiastic and thrilled she looked, he quipped, "Who do you plan to bring for the resort stay?"

    "Oh!" His question stumped Mixiao, and she blinked several times.

    It hadnt crossed her mind.

    Su Yan had already expected her reaction. He shook his head with a chuckle and said, "Then lets give it a try first. You can sell it at a low price."

    He rose and strode towards the stage.

    Mixiao trailed after him and asked, "President Su, are you confident of winning?"

    She sounded excited as she glanced at the tourists who were squeezing their way up on the stage. She pondered quietly and said, "But youre the boss and its not really nice to fight with the guests."

    Su Yan suddenly halted his footsteps and nodded. "In hindsight, thats true lets forget it."

    He glanced at Mixiao with a devious and sly grin.

    Mixiao got anxious when he had second thoughts. She smiled sheepishly and added, "But if you have the capability, no one would criticize you."

    "Do you have someone in mind to bring here for the resort stay?" asked Su Yan as he peered at Mixiao. He may sound like he was asking, but he sounded firm.