Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1958 9

    Chapter 1958 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Four

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    He grinned and chuckled quietly to himself.

    Mixiao gripped the blazer and wrapped herself up. She bowed her head and didnt answer him.

    Su Yan quipped, "Lets go back to the hotel."

    "Okay." Mixiao nodded.

    Su Yan strolled leisurely but Mixiao strode rather quickly. She was totally drenched, and the winds that were attacking her body was icy. All she wanted was to take a hot bath at that instance.

    She hastened her footsteps.

    The distance increased between both of them, and Su Yan continued to gaze at her. He didnt hasten his footsteps to catch up with her.

    He was used to adapting to any circumstances. He always felt that it was wonderful to admire something or a person he liked from afar.

    But this mentality

    Su Yan paused and remained rooted to the spot. He watched as Mixiao ran further ahead. A plethora of emotions whirled in his eyes.

    They returned to the hotel and Mixiao went back to her room. It was quiet for a long time.

    Su Yan read a book for the meantime, and when he raised his head, it was more than an hour later. He glanced at the closed door.

    What was he waiting for? His lips curled into a tiny smile.

    He shook his head, placed a bookmark in between the pages, and went to the bathroom.

    Yesterday, Su Yan gave himself a day of rest. So he slept well.

    The next day, it was the fourth anniversary of the resort. The guests include the local authorities and a TV host.

    The resort held a special promotion with discounted rates for all the guests.

    Everyone applauded and cheered.

    "Lets invite our President Su from Flourish & Prosper for a speech."

    The TV host invited Su Yan up on stage after some activities.

    Su Yan had been waiting for him to be cued on stage. He strode leisurely up the stage when his name was mentioned.

    Under the spotlights, and with everyone watching him, he got on stage.

    He wore a white shirt with black pants. His gorgeous looks were perfect as he towered at nearly 1.9 meters in height.

    He seemed to have bribed the sunlight as usual.

    Everyone marveled at how gorgeous he was.

    He looked calm and composed on stage. After receiving the microphone, the reporters furiously snapped away.

    "Thank you for being present here today. On behalf of Xuxurusheng resort, I would like to thank everyone for your support. We will continue to innovate and improve to provide quality service and facilities."

    "Thank you once more. Please enjoy the rest of the activities."

    After a succinct speech, Su Yan bowed to the audience and turned around to pass the microphone back to the host.

    Mixiao frowned, looking glum as she watched Su Yan descend the steps.

    As Su Yan approached her, she ran towards him. "President Su, yesterday I"

    Su Yan knew what she was about to say and he interjected, "You dont have to follow the script in real life. Follow your heart instead."

    He had a full script of rhetoric content for his speech today.

    He didnt stop and swept past her. He strode to his seat and sat down.

    Mixiao spun around, looking dumbfounded.

    Suddenly, her phone in her pocket vibrated.

    She turned her back against the crowd and took out her phone. Her expression hardened a little.

    She glanced swiftly at Su Yan and whispered as she picked up the call. "Brother."