Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1957 9

    Chapter 1957 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Three

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    There was a long pause.

    This was an unreasonable request, which most bosses wouldnt agree to. But Su Yan chuckled and nodded. "Sure."

    Perhaps she merely wanted to try this job, or she was compelled to.

    To her, ice-skating would always remain as her dream and goal.

    Just like how he loved photography, and how Xuxu was interested in design. Even though they may be bound to their jobs, both of them still didnt give up on their dreams or interests.

    Regardless of where he went, his camera would always be with him. He continued to snap photos of what caught his eye and was constantly producing new work.

    Xuxu was just like him. She would make time to go to the studio to work on her designs. Even if her work didnt get produced, she still trudged on.

    Mixiao, a cheerful and determined girl, should chase her dreams bravely as well.

    The reason she didnt want to work overtime was that she wanted to ice-skate. She wanted to do what she liked.

    He always felt good to help others fulfill their dreams or wishes.

    Mixiao heard that Su Yan agreed to her request, and she beckoned to him in excitement. "Come here! Lets compete!"

    From yesterday until that very moment, she had been fretting over the fact that she needed to accompany her boss after work to attend social dinners. If that continued on, she would need to quit her coaching job.

    So she had to make full use of this opportunity.

    Su Yan shook his head and chuckled softly. "We dont need to compete. If you manage to swim back in ten minutes, Ill consider that as a victory."

    He whipped out his phone and glanced at the time.

    Mixiao frowned as she peered at him. "President Su, you are always so aloof and indifferent. Anyone would feel that you are a dull person."

    "Hmph! Su Yan, youre so boring!"

    Su Yan suddenly thought of the same remark someone had made before. He smiled widely and quipped, "Youre not the first person to say that."

    Mixiao pursed her lips as her mind raced. She didnt have to compete with him, all she wanted was to get what she wanted.

    She said, "Alright, ten minutes. You have to keep your word if I swim back in ten minutes. No overtime for me, unless there is an important occasion."

    Without waiting for Su Yan to respond, she disappeared into the waters.

    Su Yan caught a glimpse of her and he grinned to himself.

    Even if she were a slow swimmer, five minutes would have been enough. Those who could swim well would know that.

    She was a good swimmer, but she remained humble when she heard him.

    This showed how mature and down-to-earth she was.

    If it was someone else

    "President Su, it should be less than ten minutes right?"

    Mixiaos return interrupted Su Yans train of thoughts. She shook her body, as she walked back dripping all the way.

    She looked slightly smug as she eyed Su Yan.

    Su Yan peered with his head slightly bent down. "Yup. You succeeded."

    "President Su, you are such a wonderful person." Mixiao looked at him. There were droplets of water on her face.

    She shivered as a gust of wind blew.

    Su Yan swiftly removed his blazer and placed it on her. He smiled and asked, "When did I appear to be a bad person?"

    Probably she assumed so when he forced her to drink yesterday.