Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1956 9

    Chapter 1956 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty Two

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    Mixiao scratched the back of her head, regretting her question immediately.

    But it was too late, so she trudged on bravely. "Last week you asked me to get a document from your drawer in the office. I saw your girlfriends photo. She has such a good figure."


    Su Yan frowned as he pondered.

    "Su Yan, I straightened my hair and dyed it back to black. Do I look nice?"

    "I put two photos on your desk, alright?"

    "Look at this. Do I look pretty from this angle?""I didnt put on any makeup. Im bare-faced."

    He recalled the owner of the photo and he smiled weakly. He avoided answering her by asking her, "Why did you apply for the job of a secretary?"

    He didnt bother to explain and he wasnt too worried about it for the person in the photo wasnt his girlfriend.

    This was how he was like. He wouldnt choose to clarify or explain as the truth would come to light, anyway.

    Mixiao didnt insist on getting her answer, so she replied, "I dont necessarily need to be a secretary. I just want a normal desk job, to try my hand at being a white-collar worker."

    She raised her head, and her smile was so pure and innocent in the pale moonlight.

    She was like a little bunny who was unbothered by worldly affairs. Yet, her capabilities had surprised him.

    Su Yan gazed at Mixiao and he unconsciously entered a daze. He still felt an indescribable sense of tranquility when he was around her.

    This was what he was looking for, and she was right before him. Yet, he didnt make any move, or perhaps he couldnt muster the courage to venture forward.

    "So you went to night school to study?"

    He broke into a tiny smile and strode ahead.

    Night had dawned, and it was getting chilly. Mixiao shuddered because of the wind. She raised her head in surprise. "President Su, did you inspect my background?"

    He even knew that she went to night school.

    "Dont you have a curriculum vitae?" Su Yan replied casually with a mere sentence. Little did she know that he had spent an entire night trying to understand and know her more.

    Enthusiasm and interest engulfed him when he tried to know more about her. It was exactly like how he had finally laid his hands on his dream camera, which he had been yearning for a long time. He had used an entire day to fiddle with the functions.

    He wanted to understand and know everything completely.

    During his research, his heart went out to her. At a tender age, she had to endure tough training for long hours.

    She was part of the national team, and one could imagine how much she had suffered before she could stand on the podium.

    "President Su, do you know how to swim?" Mixiao suddenly asked Su Yan.

    It startled Su Yan. "Why?"

    "Lets compete to see who can swim there first." Mixiao pointed to a marker floating in the water. She glanced at Su Yan with a playful smile.

    She seemed like a little child.

    Swim? Su Yan followed her finger, and his eyes landed on the marker.

    Without waiting for him to respond, the tiny figure ran towards the sea.


    Su Yan yelled after Mixiao, but she ignored him and sprinted towards the sea.

    This was a designated area for the resorts guests to swim. There were markers to prohibit anyone from swimming past the area.

    Few would swim at night.

    Furthermore, it was such a chilly night; the beach was almost deserted.

    Su Yan eyed Mixiao as she plunged herself into the water. He traipsed after her.

    "President Su! If I win, could I be exempted from working overtime in the future?" Mixiaos body submerged in the water as she yelled.