Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1955 9

    Chapter 1955 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty One

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    The waiter began to serve the dishes one by one. Su Yan quietly studied Mixiaos face as he tried to read her mind.

    What could possibly make her look so sorrowful and melancholic?

    "Mixiao, do you still want to eat?"

    Su Yan saw Mixiao falling deeper into her reverie as she sat completely still.

    Mixiao heard Su Yans voice, and she hastily snapped to. She murmured something inaudible in response.

    She stretched her hand towards the chopsticks, but Su Yans hand intercepted her. He removed the cover and passed the chopsticks to her. "Who else do you have in your family?"

    Mixiao was startled as she stared unblinkingly at Su Yan. After some time, she spoke softly, "My mom, and my brother."

    She hesitated when she mentioned her brother.

    She received the chopsticks from Su Yan and thanked him. Then she hung her head as she began eating.

    She was hungry when she was ordering the food earlier on, but suddenly, she lost her appetite.

    "Eat more." Su Yan placed two huge prawns in Mixiaos bowl.

    "Thank you, President Su." His manners and gestures overwhelmed Mixiao, and she nodded furiously.

    To Su Yan, the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. But Mixiao was feeling rather pressured and burdened.

    Why was President Su so nice today? As the saying goes, one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.

    But she was just a mere secretary, what could this big boss possibly want from her?

    Mixiao sat deep in thought about Su Yans intentions when he suddenly smiled at her. "Our Xiaojiao likes you very much. Well sign her up for your class and you can teach her."

    Mixiao heaved a sigh of relief and smiled sheepishly at him. "But President Su, you skate well enough to teach her."

    So he was nice to her because of his niece.

    Mixiao saw Xiaojiao in the office several times, and she knew that Xiaojiao was Su Yans niece.

    So, he merely wanted her to teach his niece. But that shouldnt be the reason he was so nice and attentive. With his familys status and background, they could even choose to hire a private coach for his niece.

    He didnt really need her.

    A crease appeared between Mixiaos eyebrows, and she was utterly perplexed by Su Yans change in attitude towards her.

    Su Yan quipped, "But she likes you very much."

    "President Su, Im sorry." Mixiao suddenly apologized.

    It confused Su Yan. "For what?"

    "My part-time job," Mixiao whispered as she hung her head.

    "Its fine." Su Yan shook his head to dispel her worries. "You used the time outside of work. Im fine with it, as long as you dont let it affect your work."

    Mixiao was relieved and she realized how understanding and reasonable her boss was. She had misunderstood him all along.

    She eyed Su Yan gratefully. "Thank you, President Su."

    Su Yan smiled at her. "Hurry up and eat. Lets go to the beach for a stroll later."

    Mixiao beamed at him without reading too much into it. "Okay!"

    She really wanted to go to the beach and her heart had long flown away.

    Su Yan gazed at Mixiao as she stuffed her mouth with food. He pressed his lips quietly before he began to tuck in.

    He slowly chewed on a piece of leafy vegetable looking stoic. His gorgeous face, coupled with his natural aura of elegance and grace, was a delightful treat for the eyes.

    Mixiao seized the chance when Su Yan was busy eating and studied him quietly. Doubt and bewilderment were swirling in her eyes.

    Su Yan and Mixiao took off their shoes when they got to the beach. The winds were strong as they strolled barefooted.

    Mixiao threw furtive glances at Su Yan, as the words were lost in her throat.

    Su Yan suddenly interjected, "What do you want to say?"

    Mixiao was thrown off by his sudden question. She pondered for some time before wording her question carefully. "President Su. Did you fight with your girlfriend?"

    Su Yan frowned and looked puzzled. "Girlfriend?"