Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1954 9

    Chapter 1954 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Sixty

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    Su Yan and Mixiao sat down. They sat opposite each other but they fixed their gazes on the windows to enjoy the night scenery.

    Manager Zhang looked at them. He originally wanted to sit beside Su Yan.

    But when he saw both of them being so quiet and well-coordinated, he thought for a moment before retreating a few steps. He bowed slightly and said to Su Yan, "President Su, I have some things to settle. You and your secretary can eat first. Ill bring both of you to the hotel later."

    Su Yan nodded.

    He didnt want him to eat with them either. Sitting there quietlyjust the two of themwas an enjoyment.

    Su Yan gazed at Mixiao, a contented smile on his face.

    "President Su, heres the menu."

    The manager passed him an electronic menu.

    Su Yan passed it to Mixiao. "Order."

    She froze and hesitated before replying. "President Su, you should order."

    Why was he so courteous and thoughtful? It made her uncomfortable!

    He frowned. "Before we came, didnt the Presidents wife tell you not to be so courteous? Eat and drink whatever you want."

    Mixiao didnt object any further. "Then Ill order."

    She took the menu from him and flipped it open. Her eyes brightened when she saw the names of the dishes and their respective photographs. She looked like she was glowing.

    Had he exposed her gluttony?

    But it seemed that most girls couldnt resist the temptation of good food. Be it Mixiao, Su Yue or even Xuxu, they wouldnt say no to good food.

    When they went to Europe on a business trip, Xin Yanting walked past a dessert shop but she didnt have time to eat it in the day because of her tight schedule. However, at night, she made a half-hour journey to the shop just to buy it and brought it back to the hotel.

    He was about to go to bed when he heard knocking on the door. He opened the door to see her standing there wrapped in a thick coat, happily showing off two plastic bags from the dessert shop.

    It was as though she had just been to war and was carrying her spoils. She was incredibly smug.

    Why did his thoughts shift to her?

    Su Yan hurriedly retracted his thoughts and gazed at Mixiao.

    "This, this, this, this, and this"

    Mixiao glanced through the menu, as though she had a goal in mind. She couldnt decide on which dishes to order.

    She ordered eight dishes. She only realized when she scrolled to the last page. She looked at the electronic menu in her hands. She blushed and in her embarrassment, she asked, "Did I order too much?"

    The manager smiled and shook her head. "No. Only eight dishes."

    How were eight dishes enough when she was eating with the big boss?

    "Uh" Mixiao blushed even harder when she heard that she had ordered eight dishes. She bit her lip and looked at Su Yan.

    Su Yan smiled. "Thats all for now."

    "Alright." The manager bowed and left with the menu.

    Mixiao was ecstatic. She gazed out the window and rested her face on her palms.

    The sounds of the waves made her lips curl into a smile.

    Suddenly, someone blew a conch from afar. It reminded her of the classic nursery rhymeThe Little Conch.Mixiaos gaze turned swirled with complex emotions and her smile faltered slightly.

    She gazed afar, the crease between her eyebrows hinting at her melancholy.