Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1953 1

    Chapter 1953 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fifty Nine

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    For the first time, he realized that Xuxu was Yan Rushengs.

    They were a match made in heaven.


    After a long while, Su Yan retracted his gaze from the stage. He mumbled a reply to the head of the resort before walking towards the exit.

    As he walked, he asked the man beside him. "Manager Zhang, hows the weather recently?"

    Manager Zhang replied, "A few days ago, it kept raining. But thankfully, the weather has been good for the past two days."

    Su Yan smiled and said nothing.

    The restaurant in the hotel of the holiday resort had Chinese and Western cuisine. Su Yan chose the former.

    Su Yan and Manager Zhang walked in front, whereas Mixiao walked silently at the back.

    The restaurant was beside the beach and the building wasnt tall. The hotel segment comprised many villas, and if one entered the main gate, they would find the restaurant at the first villa.

    The sky finally darkened and the holiday resort lit up. Rows of coconut trees were decorated with colorful lights.

    It was colorful and mesmerizing.

    Many visitors were having an evening stroll after dinner. There were couples and families of three.

    It was a warm, peaceful sight to behold. Mixiao was in awe of the picturesque views.

    Her expression seemed to say: How could such a beautiful place exist?

    "Mixiao?" Su Yan had already entered the glass doors. He saw her standing like a fool outside and so he called out to her.

    "Coming," Mixiao replied, retracting her gaze and running into the restaurant.

    The restaurant was lavishly furnished.

    It was a huge hall and it was divided into a few areas. Every area had a unique name.

    The areas were named after the large cities in China. Each area served specialty dishes from the city they were named after.

    Su Yan and the rest entered. The manager immediately welcomed them. "Manager Zhang."

    She was a woman in her thirties. She was wearing a holiday resort uniform and had a tall figure. She greeted Manager Zhang first, then she looked at Su Yan.

    Manager Zhang quickly introduced, "Manager Mao, this is President Su from the head office in the capital city."

    When she heard it, she bowed. "Nice to meet you, President Su."

    Su Yan nodded. Then he turned to Mixiao. "Which citys dishes do you want to eat?"


    Mixiaos eyes bulged and she stared at him. What did he mean?

    Wasnt hethe bosssupposed to choose where to eat?

    Why would he ask for hera small secretarysopinion?

    Of course, she couldnt decide.

    She smiled and replied, "President Su, Im fine with anything."

    She was only a small secretary. She was fortunate that the boss decided to bring her along on his trip. She wouldnt dare to be picky!

    Su Yan saw through her and pressed his lips. He said to the manager, "City C, then."

    "Alright, please come this way," the manager replied and led the way.

    When Mixiao heard Su Yan say City C, her eyes brightened.

    It was her hometown. She actually really wanted to choose it earlier.

    "This is a private room facing the sea."

    The manager opened the windows and the sea breeze blew in.