Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1952 1

    Chapter 1952 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fifty Eight

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    "I got tired," Mixiao replied softly with her head still bowed.

    "Is it?" Su Yan replied. She couldnt tell if he believed her or not.

    He closed his eyes and remained silent.

    The girl beside him also quietened down, as though she was non-existent.

    Flourish & Prosper built a holiday resort as well as an airport in the coastal county. Planes could now fly directly to the island.

    "Its so beautiful."

    As the plane landed, she could see the clear blue waters. Mixiao couldnt help but exclaim as she glued herself to the window, in awe of the beautiful sight.

    She picked up her camera and started taking photos. A smile was etched onto her delicate face.

    "Mixiao," Su Yan called uncontrollably as he watched her.

    He wanted her to look over, so he could see her face. He wanted to see the excited gleam in her eyes.

    "President Su." Mixiao turned around and asked in confusion. "Is there something for me to do?"

    She thought that he had some work for her.


    Are you dating? Do you have a boyfriend?

    He wanted to ask her this, but the words got stuck in his throat. He pressed his lips and smiled. "Youll enjoy yourself for the next two days. You dont have to be so excited."

    Once the words left his mouth, it would be irreversible.

    Some things could end up hurting both of them when it ended.

    So he suddenly hesitated. This was the first time he was so hesitant about asking someone a question.

    Perhaps it was because of his age; he was more careful and deliberate about things. Or perhaps, after being in this position of power, his personality had changed.

    Had he changed?

    Su Yan stared at her face and was deep in thought.

    This was the second time. The second time he was staring at her face. She didnt know what he was thinking. She blinked at him in confusion.

    Even though he was staring at her in a daze, she didnt think that his thoughts were about her.

    After some time, she asked, "Arent we heading back tomorrow night?"

    This was a last-minute arrangement, and they would have to return to the capital city after tomorrows activities ended. How could she enjoy it for the next two days?

    Aish. The views are so beautiful. If only we could stay here longer.

    Mixiao thought as she turned to look at the clear blue waters. It made one yearn to live here for the rest of their lives.

    Su Yan continued, "Its rare that were able to come here. We can stay for two more days."

    He stared at the back of her head, thoughts racing in his mind.

    They shall stay for two more days and let nature take its course.

    "Alright." Mixiao nodded happily. She sat up straight and thought for a moment before turning to him. "Thank you, President Su."

    She couldnt contain her happiness and excitement.

    She looked like a flower that just bloomed.

    Su Yan placed his hands behind his head and smiled contentedly. His smile remained etched on his face for a long while.

    After they got off the plane, they went to the event venue for the next day to check on things.

    Those who met them at the airport had already taken their luggage to the hotel room.

    The head of the holiday resort brought Su Yan on a tour. He smiled as he said, "President Su, we have arranged and decorated the venue according to President Yans proposal. There are definitely no errors."

    Su Yan pressed his lips and remained silent. He gazed at the stage. The words Xuxurusheng caught his attention. It looked harmonious.