Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1950 1

    Chapter 1950 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fifty Six

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    Yan Rusheng smiled. In a gentle voice, he said, "Dumb woman, my heart was completely yours by then. Shouldnt you be glad?"

    Indeed, he didnt understand what feeling it was back then. In reality, his heart was already hers.

    During class, he purposely passed her notes and intentionally got caught by the teachers.

    After class, he would always disturb her when she saw playing rubber band skipping or skipping rope with her friends.

    When he saw that she was on duty after school and that she had just swept the floor, he would mess it up again.

    When she locked herself up in the room without coming out for a long time, he threw rocks to break her window.

    Of course, he would never tell her these things. Or rather, he wouldnt tell her all at once.

    He wanted to share them with her slowlyshare with her what he had done in the past.

    "Sleep." Xuxu closed her eyes and pulled the blanket over her head.

    Actually, her heart felt sweeter than honey.

    "Xuxu." Yan Rusheng hugged her arm and rubbed her tummy.

    Xuxu coldly said, "Sleep."



    "Ouch, ouch!"

    Xuxu chuckled. The room was filled with bliss.

    The coastal county holiday resort was very important to Xuxu and Yan Rusheng. Every year, they personally went over to arrange the entire event.

    They had promised to go every year. Theyd even retire there.

    But this year, unfortunately, they couldnt. Su Yan and Mixiao stood beside each other, one towering over the other.

    When she saw them, Xuxu felt that at least, there was a silver lining to this.

    Xuxu followed them out of the office. Then she said to Mixiao, "Mixiao, dont be so formal. President Su is a gentleman, especially towards girls."

    Mixiao pressed her lips. "Thank you, Sister Xuxu."

    Xuxu smiled at her bashful figure and said, "When you go there, eat what you want and drink what you need. Dont be so courteous with President Su."

    Mixiao chuckled. She didnt know how to reply.

    She didnt find President Su very gentlemanly, anyway. Would a gentleman let a secretarywho has a low tolerance for alcoholdrink on his behalf?

    Mixiao picked up her luggage. "Sister Xuxu, Ill go keep the luggages."

    Xuxu nodded. "Mm. Go ahead."

    After she walked away, Su Yan moved closer to Xuxu. "Werent you a little too obvious?"

    Xuxu looked at him contemptuously. "Youre no match for your third brother in this aspect."

    Su Yan knew which aspect she was referring to. But he still asked, "Which aspect?"

    "Last night, he said that you were merely copying his methods." Xuxu betrayed her husband.


    Young Master Su laugheda rare sight. His laughter was as pleasant as the spring breeze.

    He smiled and glanced at Mixiao, who was placing her luggage in the trunk.

    His smile faded as he watched her.

    When it came to womena woman that he likedhe was unlike his third brother. After all, he wasnt him.

    He wasnt him.

    The first-class cabin was comfortable and spacious. It was quiet and peaceful as well.

    After settling down, Su Yan said to Mixiao, "Pass me the event proposal."