Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1949 1

    Chapter 1949 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Fifty Five

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    "Wen Xuxu. If I knew you would end up as my wife, I would have slept with you a long time ago."

    "Speak another word and Im going to twist your waist!"

    "Im serious." Yan Rusheng spun his neck to look at Xuxu. "Havent you thought of sleeping with me?"

    He suddenly stretched his hand to pull Xuxu towards him. She collapsed next to him, and he propped his head with a hand. He gently stroked Xuxus nose, and he had a tender expression in his eyes. "Havent you thought of giving me your first kiss? Or peeking at me while I shower? Or perhaps, sneak in when Im sleeping and admire me in silence?"

    Xuxu snorted in disdain. "You think too highly of yourself."

    But deep down, she really thought of doing all these before.

    How would his lips feel like?"How does it feel to kiss him? She had a whim to sneak into his room on many occasions.

    At that time, she felt that she would be contented to just watch him as he slept.

    The reason being, they bickered and fought whenever their eyes met.

    But it had never crossed her mind to peek at him while he was in the bathroom.

    Xuxu thought of it and she scoffed haughtily. "I reckon youre the one who wants to peek at me."

    Yan Rusheng snorted and quipped, "Do I still need to peek at you while you shower?"

    It bewildered Xuxu. "What do you mean?"

    "I chanced upon you showering on many occasions." Young Master Yan smirked with a victorious grin.

    Xuxu frowned and pressed on doubtfully, "Many occasions? When did you see me?"

    Did he really saw her showering? He didnt seem like he was lying.

    Yan Rusheng confessed honestly. "The first time I sneaked into your room to steal that damned love letter from Zhao Zheng. Subsequently, I went in to steal your exam papers and homework."

    Xuxus face fell and she furrowed her eyebrows sternly. "No wonder my homework vanished mysteriously so many times. You were the culprit!"

    She had kept her stuff in her bag every night. But she wouldnt be able to find it in school the next day.

    Fortunately, she was a model student with excellent grades. So the teachers always believed her and overlooked her mistakes.

    How many times did this guy try to get her into trouble?

    "Wen Xuxu, dont you lock the bathroom door when you shower? Are you trying to seduce me?" Yan Rusheng raised his eyebrows as he threw her a sharp question.

    Xuxu threw him a long and contemptuous look. "Who wants to seduce you? I already locked the door to my room. You were the one who barged in without my consent. If you dont enter, how could I possibly seduce you?"

    Something illuminated in her mind and she asked, "Besides, how did you enter my room?"

    Yan Rusheng smirked. "There are spare keys at home."

    "Youre really immoral." Xuxu cast him a dirty look and asked, "Why did you try to steal my papers and homework. How unscrupulous of you!"

    If she really wanted to settle scores with this horrible jerk, the list could go on.

    Xuxu pouted indignantly and she looked so adorable. Yan Rusheng placed her hand around her and gazed into her eyes. "Dont you know that I loved it when you get anxious and panicky?"

    He bent to kiss her gently.

    Xuxu protested. "Your heart doesnt ache whenever you torment me?"

    "Pretentious." Yan Rusheng tightened his arm around Xuxu, and he wished he could bury her inside of him at that instance.

    "Hmph!" Xuxu sneered and she was upset.