Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1937

    Chapter 1937 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Forty Three

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    She had been making coffee for over seven years.

    She took a sip. It tasted as good as it smelled.

    She lifted her head to look at Mixiao. She sized her up in the quickest way possible.

    Her black-framed spectacles seemed to cover half of her face. In addition to her fringe which reached her eyebrows, she couldnt tell what she looked like.

    Xuxu frowned in confusion. Werent girls these days good at dressing up?

    Take Yueyue, for example. She always dressed in bright and beautiful colors, which made ones eyes brighten. Although she was born with good looks, shed still look old-fashioned if she didnt dress well.

    Mixiao kept her head bowed and Xuxu wanted to make her lookup. She thought for a while and said, "Have a taste yourself."

    As expected, Mixiao lifted her head and shook it. "Its fine. Im not thirsty."

    She shook her head as she adjusted the spectacles on her nose bridge.

    Xuxus sharp gaze scrutinized the girls features and smiled in satisfaction.

    This girl wasnt ugly. She had delicate features and her eyes were bright, like a fresh spring.

    She placed her cup down and smiled warmly at her. "No need to be so formal. President Su is a very easy-going person."

    Mixiao nodded awkwardly. "Yes, yes."

    But she complained in silence.How is he an easy-going superior? He doesnt even allow spectacles!

    Then she shifted her gaze to Su Yan. "President Su, Ill get back to"

    Seeing that Su Yan had no other instructions for her, she wanted to take her leave. Suddenly, Xuxu asked, "Youre Mixiao, right?"

    Mixiao nodded. "Yes, Madam."

    She intertwined her fingers and seemed very reserved.

    After all, not only was she facing her direct superior, but the boss wifethe lady bossas well.

    Xuxu smiled warmly. "You dont have to call me that. We have the same job in the companyIm the Presidents secretary. You can call me Sister Xuxu like the others do."

    "Oh." Mixiao nodded. She immediately bowed slightly. "Sister Xuxu."

    Indeed, all the other staff called her Sister Xuxu as well, so there was nothing to be cautious about.

    Then Mixiao looked at Su Yan. "President Su, Ill get back to work."

    "Mm." Su Yan nodded lightly.

    Mixiao looked as though a huge burden was lifted off her shoulders. She turned and walked towards the door, her pace quickening.

    After she closed the door, Xuxu faced Su Yan. She grinned and asked, "President Su, is there anything special about this secretary of yours?"

    Her tone was obviously one of ridicule.

    Su Yan raised his eyebrows in feigned ignorance. "Why did you ask?"

    Xuxu smiled. "There must be something special about her since she has a special treatment from you."

    "Third sister-in-law, is that a compliment? Or an insult?" Su Yan placed his cup down and leaned back lazily. After finding a comfortable position, he placed the cup to his lips and sipped on the aromatic coffee.

    Savoring it.

    He was reveling in this feeling. He was incredibly cheerful.

    "You know what I mean." Xuxu side-glanced him and smiled ambiguously.

    Her smile deepened when she saw his blissful state. "The coffee is not bad. It suits your taste?"

    Su Yan shrugged. "I dont know. It just feels good overall."

    He had always been sure about his likes and dislikes. And he was always truthful to Xuxu. He didnt hide anything from her. They were like friends who could talk about anything.

    But because she was his sister-in-law, he couldnt call her his bosom friend. He could only call her a friend.

    "Are you comparing them?" Xuxu asked in a serious tone. She stared at his handsome face, scrutinizing him.

    "What?" Su Yan was stunned.

    Xuxu smiled and shook her head. "Nothing. Ill head upstairs. Your third brother is not coming today and I have lots to do."

    Then she tested the temperature of the coffee and finished the rest of it in one gulp.