Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1935

    Chapter 1935 Dont Even Consider Its Unforgettable Part Forty One

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    "Oh." Mixiao recovered and nodded. Flustered, she flipped the book open and reported his schedule for the day. "This afternoon at three, you have an appointment with President Zhou regarding the product investment. At seven p.m."

    Su Yan interrupted. "Next time, youre not allowed to wear spectacles when working."

    Huh? Not allowed to wear spectacles when working? Mixiao blinked at him in confusion. "Why?"

    The words left her mouth without her knowing.

    She definitely wouldnt have said it if she could. The boss rules were the companys rules. How could she question him? Either she would wear contacts or leave the company.

    But what stupid rule was this? Why did the boss care if she wore spectacles or not?

    She was just a secretary. She wasnt in public relations, so why did she need to watch her image? Why couldnt she wear spectacles?

    Su Yan continued, "Youve been interning for almost a month now. Join us for the dinner banquet tonight."

    "But" Mixiao started, before swallowing her words. She bowed her head and agreed.

    She hugged the book tighter and adjusted her spectacles.

    "I said no wearing spectacles"

    Su Yan suddenly said after a while. Mixiao trembled and looked pleadingly at him. "But can I wear it for today? Ill wear contacts tomorrow."

    It revealed her pretty and delicate face.

    Su Yan smiled and nodded nonchalantly. "Mm."

    "President Su, Ill take my leave," Mixiao said and prepared to leave.

    Su Yan suddenly called out to her. "Mixiao."

    Mixiao trembled and she halted in her steps. She smiled and asked, "President Su, is there anything else?"

    If one observed closely, theyd find that she was gritting her teeth.

    "Brew me a cup of coffee," he ordered, his gaze shifting back to his computer screen.

    Seeing that he was no longer looking at her, Mixiao heaved a sigh of relief. She nodded. "Mm."

    She placed the book on his desk. She picked up his cup and walked towards the coffee machine.

    When Mixiao took a few steps, Su Yan looked at her in interest.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. Su Yans thoughts were interrupted. He shifted his gaze away from her. "Come in."

    The door opened.

    "Su Yan." Xuxu walked into the office in work attire.

    She mustve just arrived.

    Su Yan stopped working and walked towards her. "Is anything the matter?"

    She seldom came into his office during working hours.

    "The coastal county holiday resort is celebrating their fifth anniversary. Your third brother and I were planning to go," Xuxu said but she started blushing. Her voice was softer as she continued, "But your third brother sprained his back yesterday."

    "Is it serious?" Su Yan asked in concern.

    Then he observed that Xuxu was blushing. Given his intellect, he immediately knew what happened. He also blushed awkwardly.

    He coughed and nodded. "Ive got it. Ill arrange my schedule. Let him recuperate."