Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1667 5

    Chapter 1667 Mommy And Uncle Sleeping Together Part Seven

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    At times when he had the urge to smoke, he would take a look at Xiaojiao. She was so young, and he couldnt bear to make her breath second-hand smoke.

    So, he suppressed his urges.

    His phone vibrated with Yan Rushengs reply.Are you sure your brain is working fine? Why are you spewing nonsense in the morning?

    The corners of Ming Anshengs mouth twitched. He typed,Imagine if you had a quarrel with Wen Xuxu and she is ignoring you right now. Then you get an opportunity to sleep together with her. What would you do?

    Yan Rusheng replied,Ha. Do you think I would be so stupid to teach you how to lure my sister to your bed?

    It rendered Ming Ansheng speechless

    F*ck.He asked the wrong person.

    But Yan Rushengs mockery and sarcasm had provoked him, and it ignited a fire in him. How could he not retort? He typed,Ha. I forgot that she is your sister. After all, youre heartless to everyone else except for Wen Xuxu.

    After replying, he immediately searched for Lu Yinans WeChat.

    He was in the midst of typing when he received Yan Rushengs reply. He caught a fleeting glimpse of the content.

    He saw some glaring words which particularly exemplified Third Young Masters viciousnessweakling and erectile dysfunction.


    Erectile dysfunction?!

    Ming Ansheng abandoned his current text and clicked on Yan Rushengs reply.

    Ha ha ha Ming Ansheng, forget it. Youre famous for being a weakling. After so many years, arent you supposed to be suffering from erectile dysfunction? Why would you have a reaction?

    Young Master Ming almost spat blood.

    What did this fellow mean?

    How could he look down on him and be so insulting?

    Ming Ansheng gritted his teeth as he replied,Just wait. Tonight Im going to sleep with your sister. Lets see what you can do to me.

    If you didnt manage to, youre a weakling. Even if you do, you need to address me as Third Brother every time you see me.

    Young Master Yan won.

    It rendered Ming Ansheng speechless

    He should give up communicating with this fellow. He knew that it was impossible to win him over in an argument or debate in this lifetime.

    He continued to construct a text to Lu Yinan.Imagine that you had a quarrel with Zhou Shuang and both of you didnt have s*x in a long time. Then one day, you have an opportunity to sleep with her, but she is unaware as she is sleeping. What would you do?

    Lu Yinan replied instantly,Ming Ansheng, are you okay? Have you lost your conscience?

    It rendered Ming Ansheng speechless

    Did both of them eat explosives?

    Im inexperienced and thats why Im seeking your advice,Young Master Ming explained.

    Lu Yinan typed,Scram. You are the one who is experienced. And your whole family, too. Dont you know that Ive had a cold war with that female hooligan for nearly four years? My s*x partner is myself. You really dont have a conscience. Serves you right for not having a s*x life and Su Yue ignoring you.

    Ming Ansheng was rendered speechless again

    It slipped his mind that this fellow was no better than him.

    Zhou Shuang and Lu Yinan already had children, and they stayed together for nearly four years. But there was no progress in their relationship.

    They should have registered their marriage long ago.

    But the two of them simply remained status quo.

    Only the onlookers could see how they had put up defenses against each other. Neither of them was willing to give in.