Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1665 4

    Chapter 1665 Mommy And Uncle Sleeping Together Part Five

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    Although she didnt want to admit, the scene was so blissful and heartwarming.

    She really couldnt bear to disturb them.

    Xiaojiao wash for Daddy Xiaojiao suddenly snatched the soap from Ming Ansheng.

    It dumbfounded both Ming Ansheng and Su Yue when they heard Xiaojiao.

    But they knew Xiaojiao had merely blurted it outout of a habit.

    This only proved how importantDaddywas to her.

    Su Yues eyes were glistening.

    The lass kept whining that she missed her daddy so much. It was a little better now. When Jiao Chen had just passed away, she always blurted outDaddyunconsciously.

    Xiaojiao put soap on Ming Anshengs palms, and she rubbed it vigorously before washing it away.

    Ming Ansheng smelled his hands and praised her for her effort. Xiaojiao is awesome. Very clean.

    Su Xiaojiao quipped, One hundred marks.

    Ming Ansheng nodded. One hundred marks.

    He carried Xiaojiao and said, Lets go. I need to read a book for my darling. What story should we listen to?

    Su Yue hastily retraced her steps and ran to the couch. She wiped her eyes quickly too.

    Little red riding hood, said Su Xiaojiao after she pondered for a while.

    Sure. Ming Ansheng nodded and flung Xiaojiao into the air.

    He was so fit and muscular, so it was effortless for him to fling and catch the lass.

    After putting Xiaojiao on the bed, Ming Ansheng glanced at Xiaojiaos clothes. Shall we have a competition to see who is the fastest to unbutton all the buttons?

    Okay! Su Xiaojiao nodded eagerly.

    Start! Ming Ansheng placed his palm on his shirt.

    After Xiaojiao unbuttoned the first one, he began slowly.

    His real intention was for the lass to be independent and get a sense of achievement.

    I won! Xiaojiao squealed and jumped up in excitement.

    Ming Ansheng grinned. Well done, darling.

    He covered her with a blanket and laid down next to her. Then he began to tell her a story.

    After a short while, Xiaojiao yawned and her eyelids got heavier. She fell asleep shortly.

    Ming Ansheng gradually reduced his voice to a whisper

    He insisted on finishing the story before leaving the bed.

    He glanced at Su Yue who was engrossed with her phone. She must be working.

    He strode quietly over to her. How is business today?

    Not bad, replied Su Yue casually.

    She put her phone away and sat up.

    Ming Ansheng sat down beside her and gazed at her. In a half-joking and half-serious manner, he suggested, I can join as a shareholder.

    Su Yue felt like rolling her eyes but she merely sneered. Ha ha.

    Im the boss, then youll be the lady boss. Wouldnt that be great? Ming Ansheng moved nearer to Su Yue.

    Su Yue frowned and glared at him. She stood up instead.

    Ming Ansheng shrugged his shoulders casually as if he were unaffected. A devious gleam flashed past his eyes.