Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1663

    Chapter 1663 Mommy And Uncle Sleeping Together Part Three

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    Su Yue shook her head. No, Im just asking.

    She put her spoon down and drank from the bowl instead.

    The temperature was just right.

    Xiaojiao who sat between Su Yue and Ming Ansheng followed suit. She grabbed the bowl by the sides and poured the porridge into her mouth.

    Ming Ansheng felt that she was an exact miniature replica of Su Yue. His black eyes were shining with affection.

    Xiaojiao finished the porridge in no time. Then she pulled a tissue to wipe her mouth.

    Ming Ansheng praised her immediately. Xiaojiao is awesome. You finished your food.

    Hungry. Su Xiaojiao lifted her clothes to reveal her round tummy. She rubbed it after.

    She pursed her lips, looking dissatisfied.

    Ming Ansheng was speechless

    He had underestimated this lasss appetite. But she had already finished such a huge bowl!

    Even an adult like Su Yue would definitely be full.

    No wonder this lass was so chubby. Ming Ansheng pinched her cheeks affectionately. Ill give you mine.

    He was about to scoop his porridge for Xiaojiao.

    Su Yue hurriedly stopped him in time. Stop it. She had eaten her fill and the doctor said that she cant eat too much.

    Ming Ansheng pressed his lips as he looked at Su Yue. Then he glanced at Xiaojiao, and in a compromising tone of voice, he asked, How about one small mouthful?

    Su Yue frowned. You

    Why were they the same?

    Jiao Chen was exactly the same. He would give and do anything for Xiaojiao, except for the stars in the sky.

    But he really had his ways of making sure that he didnt pamper her too much. And the lass was really obedient too.

    Xiaojiao nodded and agreed.

    Ming Ansheng stroked her head. Xiaojiao is a good girl.

    He scooped a little and fed Xiaojiao.

    Xiaojiao opened her mouth and swallowed it. Then she said, I want my book.

    With no grumbles, she immediately leaped off the couch and strode towards the bed.

    Su Yue gazed at the girl and she chuckled to herself.


    Why wasnt she as obedient and well-behaved when she was with her?

    My daughter indeed. She takes after me.

    Ming Anshengs voice rang in her ears. He was really near

    She could feel his warm breath on her skin.

    His deep and masculine voice carried a trace of amusement. Su Yue was sinking into the depths of his voice that was like fine wine.

    Su Yues heart pounded.

    She bent her head and bit her lips. She was frustrated with herself.

    Ming Ansheng inched nearer to Su Yues ears. I was a well-behaved and obedient child too.

    His lips were barely inches apart from touching Su Yues skin.

    The mans breath and voice successfully tickled her skin. Su Yue shoved Ming Ansheng away. We dont need you here anymore. Go back.

    She lost all her appetite, and her soul and mind were all over the place. She sprang to her feet and walked away.

    Ming Ansheng lazily slumped backward as he surveyed Su Yue. A triumphant grin appeared on his face.

    It seemed like it was getting interesting.