Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1662

    Chapter 1662 Mommy And Uncle Sleeping Together Part Two

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    To him, Bright Visions future and development were far less important than Su Yue and Xiaojiao.

    These few months, he declined many projects, choosing to focus on the two of them.

    It was a pity that life had no rewind button. If there was, he definitely wouldnt have let her go so easily back then.

    He would follow in Wen Xuxus footsteps:Give up everything he had and fight for his future.

    Now, Wen Xuxu had earned that of which everyone envied.

    Su Yue kept the glass placed at her lips, looking down and remaining silent.


    It was quiet for a while. Ming Ansheng was about to say something when Su Yue spoke, Why isnt my helper here yet?

    She frowned.

    Then she walked back to the sofa and bent down to pick up her phone. She called her helper and worriedly said, I hope shes not too seriously injured.

    The call went through and her helper picked up. She said that her ankle was swollen and she couldnt walk, so she couldnt make it tonight.

    There was nothing Su Yue could do about it. She told her helper to rest well and ended the call, still feeling troubled.

    Why was it so coincidental

    She had been waiting for her clothes the entire day. She couldnt possibly go home in her patient gown.

    But the doctor suggested for Xiaojiao to stay one more night for further observation.

    Seeing that she looked so troubled, he smiled slyly. He walked over and feigned confusion. Whats wrong?

    Su Yue sighed. Aish. My helper sprained her ankle pretty badly. She cant make it.

    She looked up at him and said, You should head home. I can handle things here. If youre coming here again, bring some clothes for me.

    Then her eyes widened in realization.

    Why didnt she think of that earlier?

    She should have made him head back earlier. Then she wouldnt have to fret the whole day.

    Ming Ansheng said, I promised Xiaojiao that Id bring her to the childrens play area when she wakes up later.

    Su Yue knew about this. He even pinky promised the little lass.

    If she didnt see him the moment she woke, shed definitely be unhappy, thinking that adults didnt keep their word.

    Su Yue pouted and said, Alright then.

    Ming Ansheng revealed a smile when she wasnt looking.

    A sly and crafty smile crept onto his face.

    Be careful, its hot.

    Ming Ansheng bought three identical portions of plain porridge. He then put it on the coffee table.

    Su Yue looked at it and asked, Where did you get this from?

    Ming Ansheng replied, The hospital canteen.

    Shock flashed across her eyes. You went to the canteen to buy porridge?

    She had guessed it. Porridge wasnt a common meal in Country M, but a huge hospital like this would definitely sell it. So Ming Ansheng mustve gotten it from the hospital canteen.

    But it still shocked her that he said it so casually.

    In her eyes, Ming Ansheng was a chauvinistic male.

    He wasnt like her third brother, who could forgo the entire world, including his biological children, for her third sister-in-law.

    But Ming Ansheng had many factors to consider, including his reputation.

    He helped her get sanitary pads from the nurses, bought her brown sugar soup, and even bought porridge in the canteen

    Hed changed quite a bit.

    The canteen is nearer, Ming Ansheng replied. He frowned. Why? It doesnt taste good?