Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1660 1

    Chapter 1660 Father And Daughter Getting Closer Part Eight

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    Xiaojiao smiled happily. I love Mommy. Daddy loves Mommy.

    Ming Ansheng was about to push the door open, but he halted.

    Mommy will never marry Uncle

    She promised their daughter that she wouldnt marry him!

    Didnt he have even the slightest chance?

    Ming Ansheng looked down and pressed his lips, feeling extremely bitter.

    Mommy, can we let Uncle be Daddy first? Xiaojiao suddenly peered up at her and asked.

    Let Uncle be Daddy first... Su Yue looked at her sorrowfully and pressed her lips. She remained silent for a long time.

    Xiaojiao pouted. Until Daddy comes back.

    She meant that when Jiao Chen came back she didnt need Ming Ansheng as a daddy anymore.

    Su Yue smiled. Indeed, a childs worldview was too innocent and nave.

    Once she reconciled with this Daddy, she couldnt back out anymore.

    Su Yue caressed her face, her thumb rubbing her smooth face gently. She whispered, Xiaojiao, Daddy is irreplaceable.

    Xiaojiao frowned, as though she was in a dilemma. Xiaojiao loves Daddy. Xiaojiao likes Uncle, too.

    Su Yue was shocked and worried, but also comforted.

    A plethora of emotions were whirling inside her.

    She didnt rebut her. She smiled and said, Its alright to like both.

    She wanted to let her do what she wanted and lead a carefree life.

    Ming Ansheng was feeling downcast, but when he heard Xiaojiao say that she liked him, he felt comforted and had a glimmer of hope.

    At least, he had earned a small place in Xiaojiaos heart.

    He grabbed the door handle and pushed the door open with a smile. Xiaojiao.

    Uncle, Su Xiaojiao grinned and greeted.

    Ming Ansheng walked over and carried her. He gave her a kiss on the cheek because she said that she liked him in front of Su Yue.

    Then he said to her, Uncle will bring you to the huge amusement park in two days. Ive already gotten the tickets.

    Every child loved eating and making merryXiaojiao included. When she heard it, it elated her. Okay.

    She pointed at Su Yue and said, Bring Mommy, too.

    What an obedient girl,Ming Ansheng thought. How he wished he could bury the little lass inside of him. He subconsciously tightened his hold on her.

    He nodded and said, Sure.

    Su Yue finally spoke with a frown. Xiaojiaos only three and a half. She wont be able to take most of the rides. I think its better not to go.

    On average, the height requirement was at least 1.2 meters. There were very little rides catered for children 1 to 1.1 meters in height, and much fewer rides for Xiaojiao, who was barely one meter tall.

    Ming Ansheng smiled. There are still plenty of things to do there.

    It didnt matter which rides they took. What mattered was that thefamily of threewould have a happy time together.

    They needed such bonding time to forge closer ties with each other.

    Su Yue wasnt planning on going. She wanted to say something but Ming Ansheng interrupted her. Xiaojiao hasnt been to an amusement park in so long. We should bring her out to the suburbs to have a breath of fresh air.


    Young Master Ming, that rolled right off your tongue.

    Besides, isnt Country M full of fresh air? Do you really have to go such a distance to breathe?she thought.