Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1659 5

    Chapter 1659 Father And Daughter Getting Closer Part Seven

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    Su Yues heart momentarily clenched. She didnt look up, but nodded and said, Thank you.

    Aish. Ming Ansheng sighed and said, I dont want to hear these two words coming out of your mouth.

    His tone had a tinge of helplessness.

    Su Yue pressed her lips and remained silent.

    Ming Anshengs phone rang. He took it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID. He said to Su Yue, Ill take this call.

    Su Yue nodded.

    Ming Ansheng walked out and Su Yue turned to look at the plastic bag on the bedside cabinet.

    Mommy, eat.

    Xiaojiao thought that Su Yue was hungry and wanted to eat, so she hurriedly opened the plastic bag for Su Yue.

    Alright, Mommy will wash my face and brush my teeth first. Su Yue smiled and hurriedly went to the washroom to wash up.

    After coming out of the bathroom, she looked at the bed and froze.

    Mommy, its sweet. Xiaojiao loves it. Xiaojiao was holding a transparent beverage cup containing a dark brown liquid. What else could it be, other than the brown sugar soup Ming Ansheng prepared for her?

    It had a weird taste to it and she didnt like it, but the little lass actually loved it.

    Su Yue frowned, doubting Su Xiaojiaos taste.

    She walked over and said, Xiaojiao, this is Mommys.

    Xiaojiao peered up at her and said, Half for me, half for Mommy.

    She smiled sweetly.

    Su Yue nodded. Okay.

    She rubbed Xiaojiaos head, picked up the container of food and began eating.

    Mommy, can I have many Daddies? Su Xiaojiao suddenly asked after drinking two spoonfuls of brown sugar soup.

    Su Yue hesitated and looked down at her. Xiaojiao, why are you asking this?

    She guessed that Ming Ansheng or someone else had told her something.

    Xiaojiao pouted and said, Xiaojiao misses Daddy. Uncle said he will be my Daddy.

    She looked hesitant hesitant whether she wanted Ming Ansheng to be her daddy.

    Su Yues heart clenched. She probed, So do you want him to be your Daddy?

    Su Yue was in a dilemma as well.

    Seeing that Xiaojiao and Ming Ansheng got along so well, she realized that there was no harm in letting them interact or reconcile.

    But she was afraid afraid that Xiaojiao would forget Jiao Chen if she reconciled with Ming Ansheng.

    How could she let Xiaojiao forget about Jiao Chen?

    If not for Jiao Chen, Xiaojiao wouldnt be as obedient and adorable as she was now.

    Xiaojiao misses Daddy. Very much. Xiaojiaos eyes were brimming with tears.

    Su Yue started to tear as well. She hugged Xiaojiaos neck and buried her in her chest before patting her back gently. Xiaojiao, good girl.

    Then she slowly let go of her.

    Xiaojiao peered up at her and asked, Mommy, are you going to marry Uncle?

    Su Yue frowned. Who said so?

    Xiaojiaos voice was much softer when she replied, Brother

    Su Yue saw the worry in her eyes and instantly knew that Xiaojiao didnt want her to be with Ming Ansheng.

    She felt comforted from Jiao Chens perspective. She kissed her on her forehead and smiled. Xiaojiao, dont worry. Mommy will never marry Uncle.