Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1658 9

    Chapter 1658 Father And Daughter Getting Closer Part Six

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    Then she carried Xiaojiao to the sofa, picking up the question book that Ming Ansheng was teaching her with earlier, stuffing it into her hands.

    Xiaojiao muttered a reply but was still uneasy. She looked at Su Yue with bright eyes and asked, Mommy, does it hurt?

    Su Yue was speechless. She felt tired and gave her a weary smile. Mommy really isnt in pain. It doesnt hurt at all.

    Then she turned around and ignored her.

    She walked towards the bed and murmured, Why is she so long-winded? Who did she get that from?

    Not me

    The man teased.

    Su Yue froze. She looked up and saw Ming Ansheng standing there, hands tucked into his pockets.

    He was looking at her in amusement.

    Su Yue was speechless and decided to ignore him. She walked to the bed and crawled onto it, lying down and fully burying herself under the covers.

    This lass she was really treating herself like a patient after changing into the patient gown!

    Ming Ansheng stared at her and shook his head helplessly, his gaze full of affection.

    Uncle come here.

    Xiaojiao suddenly called him and Ming Ansheng looked over, his affectionate gaze unchanging.

    At that moment, he had a sense of satisfaction like no other.

    Okay, he replied and walked over.

    He bent down and sat beside her, scooping her up and placing her on his lap.

    Then he picked up the phone on the coffee table and found a contact number. He sent a message before helping Xiaojiao with the questions.

    Su Yue wanted to lie in bed until the helper came. That way, she could get up and bring Xiaojiao home.

    However, she fell asleep.

    And worse still, by the time she had woken up, it was already afternoon.

    No, that wasnt the worst part. The worst part was that the helper hadnt arrived yet. She called to ask about her but the helper replied that she had sprained her ankle when she rushed out of the house.

    She could still walk but at a much slower pace.

    Why am I so unlucky? Su Yue frowned and sighed.

    Then she stared at the ceiling. Was she going to spend the rest of the day here?

    Since she couldnt do anything about it, she could only accept it and move on. She settled her orders and answered her customers queries using her mobile phone.

    Su Yue leaned against the head of the bed and started work. She was so engrossed that she forgot to eat.

    She didnt even notice that Ming Ansheng had entered the ward with Xiaojiao. He even stopped right beside her.

    You havent eaten since morning. Arent you hungry?

    He suddenly asked, and Su Yue looked up in shock.

    She pressed her lips and smiled. Im fine.

    But now that he mentioned it, she was hungry.

    Ming Ansheng remained silent. He lifted a bag in his hands and passed it to Su Yue. Eat up.

    Thank you. Su Yue took the bag from him and an aroma wafted out from within the bag. She placed the bag on the bedside cabinet and said to Ming Ansheng, You should get going if youre busy. My helper will come over in a while. I dont think Ill need anymore help.

    Ming Ansheng saw that Su Yue was planning on finishing her work before eating, so he frowned. Theres brown sugar soup in there. I bought brown sugar and asked the shop to cook it for you. Drink it while its hot, or its effects wont be as good.