Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1656

    Chapter 1656 Father And Daughter Getting Closer Part Four

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    She grabbed her hair and was embarrassed as she knew how messy it must be. She hastily brushed her hair.

    Mommy, eat breakfast. Su Xiaojiao leaped down from Ming Anshengs lap and grabbed on a plastic bag on the table. There was a container inside.

    She carried the bag and ran towards Su Yue.

    Su Yue cast the blanket aside and got off the bed.

    She adjusted her clothes and smiled at Xiaojiao. Darling, I will eat later. Mommy needs to wash up first.

    Xiaojiao answered, Okay.

    Good girl. Su Yue smiled and stroked her hair.

    She strode towards the bathroom.

    She felt a pang of pain in her stomach, and she pressed her tummy. She paused in her tracks and continued walking moments later.

    Suddenly, Xiaojiao shrieked. Mommy, blood!

    Huh? Blood?

    Su Yue immediately realized it and she widened her eyes.

    Shit!Her period had come and she had totally forgotten about it. No wonder her stomach was hurting.

    Did she stain her pants?

    Su Yue was so embarrassed that she didnt bother to check. She bolted for the bathroom and slammed the door. She then checked her pants.

    Her fair cheeks instantly turned red.

    Oh, dear. How embarrassing!

    How could she not feel anything? Su Yue, were you sleeping like a dead log?

    She berated herself and Su Yue got anxious. What should she do now?

    She had no clothes or sanitary pads. She stared at her reflection in the mirror as she fretted anxiously.

    And she could feel something leaking once more.

    And her pants must be entirely stained by now.

    Her face became hotter.

    She wondered if he saw her when Xiaojiao yelled just now.

    Knock, knock, knock.

    Suddenly, knocking sounds interrupted Su Yues anxiety.

    She replied quickly, Who is that?


    Ming Ansheng sounded apprehensive.

    Su Yue became more flustered. What do you want?

    Ahem. Ming Ansheng cleared his throat and solemnly said, I went to get a patient gown from the nurse. And I got two sanitary pads from her, too. Open the door.

    It startled Su Yue. Huh!?

    Did he go to get sanitary pads and clothes from the nurse?

    How did he manage to do that?

    And he was so fast.

    But she really needed both items. If not, she wouldnt be able to leave the bathroom.

    So, she couldnt reject his kindness.

    Su Yue clenched her teeth and slowly opened the door. She extended her hand gingerly

    She could feel her cheeks becoming hot once more.

    Its not as if I havent seen this

    Ming Ansheng muttered under his breath after he passed the clothes and sanitary pads to Su Yue.

    In a slightly teasing manner.

    Su Yues face turned crimson and she slammed the door.

    The man curled his lips into an affectionate smile when he heard her slam the door.

    Uncle Ming, my period is here. Help me get my sanitary pad.