Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1655

    Chapter 1655 Father And Daughter Getting Closer Part Three

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    Under the deep blue ocean

    Ming Ansheng gently patted Xiaojiaos chest as he recited the story. He had memorized most of the famous fairy tales by now.

    He also knew that Xiaojiao liked it when he didnt read too fast. She liked him to be animated and lively, too.

    His deep and manly voice was as fine as aged wine. His voice traveled to Su Yues ears.

    It was now past midnight and Su Yue yawned repeatedly. She was getting sleepy as she listened to Ming Ansheng reciting the story.

    She placed her head on the bed and gradually, her eyelids became heavy.

    The next moment, it was already morning. Su Yue blinked a couple of times before looking around.

    Uncle is stupid.

    Yeah. Xiaojiao is the smartest.

    Ming Ansheng and Su Xiaojiao were talking. The lass was so weak and pale from the pain last night, but now she sounded energetic and lively once again.

    Su Yue glanced at them and her heart softened.

    Xiaojiao sat on Ming Anshengs lap, and he wound his arms around her. In his hands was a book to develop intelligence for young children.

    He was patiently teaching her.

    Xiaojiao snuggled against Ming Anshengs chest. She seemed so natural, and this scene looked so peaceful at the moment.

    As though they were originally so intimate and close, and so

    If the events didnt happen, they should be like that.

    But alas, they still happened and everything had changed.

    She always believed that it was impossible to fix a shattered mirror. Just like how they wont be able to reconcile.

    Su Yue sighed deeply in her heart. She didnt make a sound, for fear of disrupting the peace.

    She shouldnt be so harsh to herself and Xiaojiao.

    She withdrew her gaze and stared at the ceiling. She suddenly thought of something.

    Wasnt she sitting on the chair when she fell asleep? Why was she on the bed right now?

    Su Yue got a shock, and she glanced at the chair. Then her eyes landed at the spot where Xiaojiao slept next to her last night.

    There was no doubt that Ming Ansheng had carried her to the bed after she fell asleep.

    But why didnt she feel anything?

    No why didnt she guard herself against him at all?

    She wasnt like that in the past. She was always afraid that someone would play a trick or do something to her when she was asleep. So, she was always a light sleeper and would wake up at the slightest sound.

    After she got together with Jiao Chen, she would often fall asleep on the couch. And the next morning, she would always wake up in her own bed.

    She felt nothing every time Jiao Chen carried her.

    But she always felt the safest with him.

    Su Yue stole a glance at the couch.

    At the moment, she met that pair of shrewd-looking eyes. Her heart skipped a beat.

    Her eyes flickered, and she managed a tiny smile.

    Youre awake. Ming Ansheng smiled and nodded at her.

    Su Yue widened her smile.

    She got up slowly and glanced at her clothes. Her wet clothes had already dried up.