Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1654

    Chapter 1654 Father And Daughter Getting Closer Part Two

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    Ming Ansheng dashed out of the house in less than a minute.

    He didnt drive and ran towards Su Yue instead. He carried Xiaojiao from Su Yue.

    Su Yue anxiously asked, Uncle Ming, you dont have a car?

    The chauffeur will be here soon.

    Ming Ansheng had barely finished his sentence when they were hit by a strong beam of light. A black car was driving towards them.

    Ming Ansheng and Su Yue darted forward at the same time.

    Su Yue opened the door for Ming Ansheng and he got in with Xiaojiao. Su Yue scrambled in quickly and told her helper. Aunty, go back and change your clothes. Ill take care of her.

    With Ming Ansheng around, she didnt need to trouble her old helper.

    In the hospital

    The doctor informed them that Xiaojiao had acute appendicitis. From what Su Yue had described, it may have been caused by a mixture of food that she had eaten.

    Xiaojiao was weak and pale from the excruciating pain. She lay in bed in her pajamas, looking lifeless.

    Su Yues heart was aching for her and she felt as though the poor girl had lost weight.

    She softly and lightly caressed Xiaojiaos cheeks with her palms.

    Mommy, I want water. Su Xiaojiao suddenly licked her lips.

    Ming Ansheng responded immediately and stood up. Ill get you some.

    He was already at the water dispenser.

    He turned around and took a sip to test the temperature of the water.

    He put the cup to Xiaojiaos mouth and tilted the cup. Darling, drink it.

    Ming Ansheng put an arm behind Xiaojiaos back and carried her up a little.

    His actions were so careful.

    Xiaojiao finished the entire cup and some water trickled down her chin. Ming Ansheng placed the cup down and dabbed her chin with tissues.

    Xiaojiao was still pale as she smiled weakly. Thank you, lying Uncle.

    She raised her head and gazed at Ming Ansheng. To Ming Ansheng, her clear and bright eyes were the purest thing on earth.

    He couldnt help but kiss her on her forehead. Darling, are you still in pain?

    Xiaojiao shook her head.

    They looked so close and intimate. Su Yue watched them quietly and pressed her lips.

    Sleep for a while. Ming Ansheng withdrew his arm and covered her with the blanket.

    He patted her chest gently.

    He crouched and moved closer to Xiaojiao, with his eyes fixed on the girls face. His expression was so affectionate and gentle.

    When would his darling daughter call him Daddy?

    Mmm. Su Xiaojiao nodded and obediently closed her eyes.

    Soon, her breathing became regular and deep.

    Just when Ming Ansheng thought that she had fallen asleep, Xiaojiao suddenly flipped over. She pulled his arm and snuggled against him. Daddy, I want a story. Xiaojiao wants little mermaid.

    Su Yue and Ming Ansheng were both stunned.

    Although he knew that she was calling for Jiao Chen and that she was sleepy, he still felt moved and excited.

    He didnt even mind being a substitute because of his intense longing.