Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1653

    Chapter 1653 Father And Daughter Getting Closer Part One

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    “Mommy will bring you to the hospital now.” Su Yue quickly carried her.

    She didn’t bother to change Xiaojiao’s clothes and simply bundled her with a blanket on the couch.

    She shouted towards her helper’s room. “Aunty! Xiaojiao is having a stomachache. Wake up!”

    She put on her shoes as she yelled.

    Her helper was watching TV, and she immediately ran out when she heard Su Yue’s voice.

    She was anxious when she saw Xiaojiao crying and twisting uncomfortably in Su Yue’s arms. “What is wrong with Xiaojiao?”

    Su Xiaojiao bawled even louder. “Painful”

    Su Yue knew that she must be in intense pain at the moment.

    She was flustered and opened the door without hesitation. She turned around and instructed her helper. “Aunty, change your shoes and come with me. Help to shelter me with an umbrella.”

    Her helper nodded. “Okay.”

    Her helper hurriedly changed into her shoes.

    The storm was raging outside and it was freezing. Su Yue was freezing, but she tightened her arms around Xiaojiao to keep her warm.

    No taxi would enter their area, so they needed to walk out to the main road.

    The aunty held the umbrella and sheltered Xiaojiao. She didn’t care that her clothes were drenched from the rain.

    The elderly woman was also trembling because of the winds. “Miss Su, it’s so late now. And it would be hard to get a taxi,” said the helper.

    After all, almost every family in Country M had a car, especially in private districts like this. And taxis wouldn’t be readily available as passengers were scarce.

    Su Yue was aware too, but Xiaojiao was in so much pain. She needed the hospital right now.

    Although Su Yue had bundled Xiaojiao up, she was still shivering.

    And her cries didn’t stop.

    Su Yue’s eyes turned red because of worry and anxiety.

    Jiaojiao, if only you were here.

    They had a car, but she couldn’t drive.

    Jiao Chen was the one who could drive.

    At crucial moments like this, she missed Jiao Chen so much. It reminded her of the times when Xiaojiao was younger and she fell ill frequently. They always had to send her to the hospital.

    Jiao Chen was the one who did everything. He drove, he called the hospital and arranged everything

    She was too useless and weak.

    “Daddy, Mommy. Xiaojiao misses Daddy.”

    Su Xiaojiao began to mumble under her breath.

    The girl seemed to get weak and her cries faded.

    Su Yue sniffed and softly patted Xiaojiao. “Be good, Xiaojiao. Be strong all right? Once we get to the hospital, you’ll be fine.”

    She was drenched as well.

    She hastened her footsteps and her helper panted as she tried to catch up with her.

    “Miss Su, shall we get Mr. Ming to help us?”

    Seeing how sick Xiaojiao was, her helper confessed and suggested Ming Ansheng’s help.

    Su Yue’s eyes lit up and she nodded. “Okay.”

    What else could be more important than rushing Xiaojiao to the hospital now?

    “I’ll call him.” She whipped out her phone with her trembling hands.

    She dialed Ming Ansheng’s number.

    She quickly told Ming Ansheng that Xiaojiao had a stomachache and needed to go to the hospital.