Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1652

    Chapter 1652 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Ten

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    Her helper finally brought Xiaojiao back home. Su Yue didn’t question them and simply pretended that everything was fine.

    Xiaojiao ate well during dinner, as though she ate nothing before dinner.

    This little glutton. Ming Ansheng would be a fool not to bribe her with food.

    It could only prove that this little lass was a glutton.

    She watched and smiled helplessly at Xiaojiao whose mouth was smeared with the chicken wings sauce. She wiped her mouth with tissues.

    “Xiaojiao, did you eat anything after you played today?” Su Yue asked as she wiped her mouth.

    She sounded as if she had thrown out a casual question. There wasn’t a trace of her trying to sound her out.

    Xiaojiao nodded and honestly answered, “I ate.”

    She opened her mouth and took another bite of the chicken wing.

    Su Yue asked, “What did you eat?”

    “Chicken wings, cookies, and fries,” replied Su Xiaojiao.

    She raised her fingers one by one as she counted the food she ate in a serious manner.

    Su Yue grinned affectionately at her. “You didn’t eat ice cream?”

    “I didn’t.” Xiaojiao shook her head and her eyes were huge. She looked as though she was afraid that Su Yue wouldn’t believe her.

    Su Yue smiled as she knew that Ming Ansheng wouldn’t give her ice cream no matter how eager he wanted to win this girl’s heart. The weather was too cold now.

    She glanced at the girl and said, “Since you’ve eaten just now, don’t eat too much. You might get a stomachache later.”

    “Yummy.” She devoured the chicken wing and continued to chew on the bones.

    Su Yue frowned in exasperation.

    Someone may think that she was depriving this lass of food. Look at how famished she looked, even chewing on the bones.

    Xiaojiao grabbed two huge prawns after abandoning the chicken wing bones.

    Su Yue couldn’t bear to stop her from eating as she was enjoying herself. On the other hand, she was worried that she might have a stomachache.

    She hesitated and took a prawn away. She glanced at her and said, “Eat slowly.”

    “Okay.” Xiaojiao nodded obediently.

    She pulled her shirt up to reveal her tummy. She rubbed her round tummy in satisfaction and smiled sheepishly. “Princess Xiaojiao is full.”

    She must have been too used to being called‘Princess Xiaojiao’during the games she had earlier on.

    Su Yue bowed her head and chuckled to herself.

    This silly girl.

    She hurriedly finished her food and led Xiaojiao to the bathroom.

    It finally began to pour after a long day.

    The rain slammed against the windows.

    Su Yue went to carry on working while Xiaojiao watched TV.

    “Mommy, stomachache.”

    Suddenly, Xiaojiao began crying.

    Su Yue turned around and saw her pressing her tummy on the couch. She seemed pale and Su Yue got anxious.

    She bolted for Xiaojiao and squatted next to her. “Xiaojiao, what’s wrong?”

    She asked softly while she rubbed Xiaojiao’s tummy gently.

    The girl began perspiring, and she continued to cry loudly in Su Yue’s arms. She repeatedly said, “Mommy, stomachache.”

    Su Yue’s heart was aching for her.

    This girl must have eaten too much and she had indigestion.