Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1651 1

    Chapter 1651 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Nine

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    She gazed at the photos on the wall.

    Which is the nicest photo of me?

    Every photo is nice

    Su Yue raised her hand and caressed a photo of Jiao Chen, Xiaojiao, and her. Her tears leaked out from her eyes.

    Jiaojiao, he was here!

    Time flew past in the blink of an eye.

    The days turned colder and after aggressive promotions and referrals, Su Yues online store saw a spike in the orders.

    The profits that she earned after paying the staff in China, was enough for her to sustain her expenses in Country M. She could even afford to pay for her helpers salary.

    She called Su Yan to inform him not to send her money in the future. And she was incredibly proud of herself.

    She could finally support both herself and her daughter.

    Although she had a rocky start.

    The weather was miserable for the entire day. The branches swayed violently outside, warning them of an impending storm.

    But the storm didnt arrive.

    Su Yue glanced at the time and it was almost 5 p.m. She raised her hands and stretched her body before standing up.

    Xiaojiao would be home soon, and she wanted to prepare food for her.

    Xiaojiao preferred the food that she cooked over the helpers cooking even though she wasnt really good at it.

    The lass simply loved it and constantly bugged Su Yue to prepare the dishes that she loved. She didnt mind Su Yue cooking the same thing every day too.

    She had more free time today, so she cooked two extra dishes.

    It was almost 6 p.m. by the time she had finished.

    Why was Xiaojiao not back with her helper? It was getting late.

    Su Yue was about to dial the auntys number when a sudden thought struck her. She hastily removed her apron and strode quickly to the door. She changed her shoes and ran out.

    Her unit number was 518, and she made a right turn for unit 520.

    Yesterday, her helper lugged an enormous bulging bag of food products home again. Su Yue became more suspicious of her neighbors identity.

    The courtyard gates were closed but not locked. She gently pushed the gates to open it.

    Ha ha ha

    A childs tinkling and clear laughter reached her ears the moment she stepped inside.

    Wasnt that Xiaojiao?

    Su Yue was shocked and she got closer to the doors. She pressed her ears against the door to listen intently.

    Faster! Faster!

    Xiaojiaos voice sounded once more and she sounded really happy.

    Su Yue frowned and she got her answer. She just needed the final proof.

    Princess Xiaojiao, can you let me rest for a while? Im so tired.

    Finally, a familiar voice sounded. It still startled her even though she had expected it.

    It was really him!

    That generous and kind-hearted neighbor was him all along. She knew it was too good to be true. Why would anyone send them gifts every other day?

    Su Xiaojiao turned around quietly and left. She didnt want to interrupt their fun.

    She knew that she couldnt stop him from seeing Xiaojiao. She had no right to deny him the right as she was his daughter.

    Su Yue didnt call her helper when she reached home.