Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1650 1

    Chapter 1650 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Eight

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    Su Yue thought,What do his good grades have anything to do with her? Why should he bring her glory?

    Su Yue ignored Beibei and walked towards Ming Ansheng. Have some water.

    She stood next to Ming Ansheng with the glass of water.

    Ming Ansheng finally peeled his eyes away from the photos.

    He bent his head and glanced at the glass in Su Yues hands. He smiled and received the glass. Thank you.

    The glass felt warm to his touch, but that warmth didnt reach his heart.

    Everywhere in this house gave off a strong family vibe that made him feel like an outsider. Many photos on the wall had both Jiao Chen and Xiaojiao in the same frame.

    It was normal for them to take photos together since they had lived together for the past four years.

    But he couldnt control his heart, neither could he control his jealousy and bitter envy.

    Ming Ansheng bowed his head and forced himself to regulate his emotions. He glanced at Su Yue once more and said, Ive already informed my employees in Country M regarding your online store. They will purchase from your store in the future.

    He raised the glass and took a sip, while he pushed his other hand into his pocket.

    Thank you. Su Yue smiled gratefully.

    The atmosphere fell silent and Ming Anshengs long-fingered hand squeezed the glass. He didnt want to let go he couldnt bear to leave.

    Ming Beichen stood there without rushing his daddy. If they missed their flight, then they could stay for a few more days.

    They will seize this opportunity to win his stepmother over.

    Ming Ansheng spoke up unwillingly after a long while. Call me if you need my help. My company has offices in N City.

    Su Yue nodded. Okay.

    Ill get going. Ming Ansheng pointed at the door, but his eyes were still fixated on Su Yue. The more he looked at her, the more he cant bear to go.

    It wasnt an easy feat for him to be able to be with her in such close proximity.

    Su Yue waved her hands. Goodbye.

    Ming Ansheng smiled and walked to the coffee table. He put the glass down before gesturing to Beibei. Lets go.

    Beibei nodded reluctantly too. He waved at Su Yue and said, Mommy, Ill come over to play with Xiaojiao during my holidays again.

    This guy addressed her so smoothly

    Su Yues face darkened but she didnt retort since they were leaving.

    She sent Ming Ansheng and Beibei to the door and was about to speak.

    Ming Ansheng suddenly thought of something and he spun around. Yueyue, Xiaojiao

    He paused for a second before continuing, Can I talk to Xiaojiao over the phone?

    He gazed carefully at Su Yue since she might not agree.

    Su Yue smiled. She is with my helper most of the time. You have her number right?

    Ming Ansheng was about to nod when he shook his head abruptly. No, give me her number.

    He was excited.

    Su Yue had allowed him to contact Xiaojiao.

    It was a good start.

    After Ming Ansheng and Beibei left, Su Yue closed the doors behind her. She turned around and her eyes surveyed the huge living room. It felt strangely empty.


    Su Yue frowned and exhaled deeply before walking to the photo wall.