Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1648 9

    Chapter 1648 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Six

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    The uncle and you Su Yue made herself clearer for fear that Xiaojiao might not fully understand her. You always call him Lying Uncle. Are you very close to him?

    After asking, she felt that Xiaojiao wouldnt understand what she meant by being close to him.

    She corrected herself again. Do you always meet the lying uncle?

    She felt that Xiaojiao and Ming Anshengs relationship had developed way too quickly.

    Xiaojiao bit her lips and shook her head. No. I have never met Lying Uncle before.

    I have never met Lying Uncle before

    Obviously, someone had taught her to say this.

    Su Yue was certain that they had met in private without her knowing. She furrowed her eyebrows.

    To her surprise, she wasnt furious at him.

    She was merely puzzled. How did they manage to meet?

    There was only one possibilitybefore Xiaojiao went to school and after school.

    That also meant that her helper was in cahoots with Ming Ansheng and had concealed the truth from her.

    This was definitely the case!

    No wonder!

    She had already repeatedly reminded her helper that Xiaojiao cant eat ice cream. But her helper still disobeyed her and gave her some.

    It had never happened before.

    And she had been busy with her online store to spend time with the little lass.

    Su Yue pressed her lips tightly. She had finally come to the realization that she couldnt stop the relationship between Ming Ansheng and Xiaojiao from progressing.

    He couldnt even bear to leave Beibei, so why would he bear not seeing his daughter?

    There was no way she could stop him.

    Nevertheless, she was still furious that Ming Ansheng had taught Xiaojiao how to lie.

    What method did he used to convince Xiaojiao to tell lies? She had been following his instructions so obediently.

    She also realized that men could communicate better with children. Xiaojiao seemed to listen to Ming Ansheng rather than her.

    And Jiao Chen was better at handling Xiaojiao, too.

    Xiaojiao, are you sure you are not lying to Mommy? Su Yue frowned at Xiaojiao.

    Su Yue was waiting for her to confess and admit that she had told a lie.

    Mommy. Su Xiaojiao pressed her lips, and she looked conflicted.

    Su Yue suddenly smiled. Mommy believes you. My baby, Xiaojiao will never tell lies. I love Xiaojiao.

    She hugged Xiaojiao and kissed her on her forehead.

    Since she didnt want to confess, Su Yue felt that there was no need to coerce her to. It might backfire.

    Good Mommy. Xiaojiao hugged Su Yue and squeezed her tightly.

    Su Yue smiled and patted Xiaojiaos back. Good Xiaojiao.

    Jiao Chen said this to her beforeChildren were just like adults; they know everything.

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    Xiaojiao knew that she told a lie, but she didnt dare to confess. So, she felt guilty.

    She was touched after getting her mommys trust, and she used her own method to convey her emotions.

    Su Yue tightened her grip around Xiaojiao.

    Xiaojiao, her baby.

    Su Yue had a late night because of a bulk of orders. After sending Xiaojiao out of the house, she went back to sleep.

    She had just fallen asleep when someone urgently rang the doorbell.

    Damn it, who was that!

    It annoyed her as it disrupted her dreams.