Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1647 4

    Chapter 1647 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Five

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    Xiaojiao was wearing a pale yellow sweater and pink sports skirt with white leggings, coupled with pink leather shoes.

    It brought out the rosiness in her cheeks.

    Xiaojiao loved it when she was praised. When she heard Ming Anshengs praise, she was ecstatic. She tipped-toe and gave him a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

    Her soft lips melted his heart completely.

    He hugged her soft body and kissed her on the forehead.

    Why were they acting so harmoniously?

    They didnt have any interaction within this period. Why were they acting like they were close friends?

    Su Yue stared in shock as Ming Ansheng kissed and hugged Xiaojiao. She was curious about when they had gotten so chummy.

    When Ming Ansheng entered the ward earlier, he only took a glance at her. They didnt make eye contact at all.

    Did you eat a lot today?


    Did you have fun with Brother today?

    Yes. Su Xiaojiao suddenly pouted. Brothers head is injured and bled a lot. It hurts.

    She pointed at her own head with her chubby finger and frowned, giving a face of pain, as though she was the one who had injured her head.

    Ming Ansheng laughed and grabbed her elbow, unsure of how to express his love for her.

    He wanted to bite her little face.

    Su Yue was still in confusion.

    Could it be because they were related by blood? That was too mystical.

    Xiaojiao and Ming Ansheng didnt look like they would let go of each other anytime soon.

    She walked over and said to Xiaojiao with a smile, Xiaojiao, say goodbye to Uncle. We have to go home. Mommy will cook something delicious for you.

    Then she held Xiaojiaos hand.

    The reason Xiaojiao was so chubby was, of course, because she ate a lot. She was a glutton and immediately let go of Ming Ansheng when she heard what Su Yue had said.

    She wriggled out of his embrace and waved sweetly at him. Goodbye Uncle. Come to my house for dinner. Mommy is cooking something nice.

    Su Yue was speechless

    She meant to cook for her only

    That was generous of Xiaojiao.


    Sure. Ming Ansheng nodded and grinned at Xiaojiao, accepting her invitation immediately.

    Su Yue froze and stared at him

    Was he serious?

    However, Ming Ansheng wasnt looking at her. His gaze was fixed on Xiaojiao.

    Xiaojiao was his only hope now. If he couldnt get through to the older one, he would first gain the little ones favor. They were a bundle anyway, so it didnt matter who he got through to first.

    Ming Ansheng had originally lost all hope, but after seeing Xiaojiao, it suddenly filled him with a fighting spiritreigniting the hope in him.

    He learned from Yan Rusheng!

    He had to thicken his skin first. At worst, he would pester her. He was almost thirty but he was yet to pester anyone.

    Xiaojiao. Su Yue carried her out of the hospital and onto a taxi.

    Mommy. Xiaojiao was swinging her short legs as she innocently blinked at Su Yue.