Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1646

    Chapter 1646 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Four

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    Su Yue pressed her lips tightly and forcefully peeled his fingers off her hand.

    She said, Let bygones be bygones. Youre eight years older than me, so youre more experienced. You view the world more clearly than I do.

    Ming Ansheng refused to let go. When Su Yue loosened his grip on one finger, he immediately tightened his grip on the others.

    Su Yue frowned and sighed helplessly. Uncle Ming, why are you doing this? Ive never blamed you. You did nothing wrong. You had someone you cared about and wanted to protect, and I had something that I wanted to safeguard and pursue. Both of us arent willing to sacrifice everything for the other party.

    They were both selfish. What right did she have to accept his apology?

    No, Yueyue. He hugged her tightly, afraid that she would slip away and disappear the moment he loosened his grip.

    Just like how she disappeared four years ago.

    He bent down and buried his face in her neck. He shook his head in agony. Yueyue, I regret it. I know I was wrong. Im sorry.

    He felt that she had completely given up on him

    But at least, she wasnt together with him now, so she wouldnt be in as much pain as before.

    But Ive never regretted it. She paused and emphasized, Uncle Ming, Ive never regretted it.

    Ming Ansheng froze and his grip on her arms loosened.

    Su Yue took this opportunity to push him away, and she stepped away from him. She continued, All the times that Jiao Chen and I spent together in Country M, the past few years, they were happy and carefree. Other than the period of pain and agony he was in because of his illness. So I

    She paused and bit her lip before she looked him in the eye and said, So I didnt love you that much.

    So I didnt love you that much

    Ming Ansheng froze on the spot for a long time, until Su Yue had already disappeared. His legs were beginning to feel numb.

    He slowly recovered and turned around. He then leaned against the wall.

    Mommy, visit Brother tomorrow.

    Su Yue held Xiaojiaos hand as they walked out of Beibeis ward.

    The little fellow couldnt bear to leave and insisted on dropping by again tomorrow.

    Su Yue smiled and said, School starts tomorrow.

    Xiaojiao pouted. Not going. I want to play with Brother. Brother is pitiful.

    She came up with various excuses.

    Su Yue was amused and broke out in an affectionate smile. She said to her, Brother isnt pitiful. He has someone to take care of him. So you have to go to kindergarten, okay?

    Lying Uncle. Xiaojiao looked up and suddenly saw Ming Ansheng. She immediately let go of Su Yues hand and jogged towards him.

    Her enthusiasm confused Su Yue.

    Wasnt the little lass afraid of him?

    When did they become so close?

    Look at her, she was running so fast.

    Xiaojiao ran over to Ming Ansheng and peered up at him with a bright smile. Her chubby face lit up with a sweet smile, and she looked extremely adorable.

    Ming Anshengs cold heart immediately melted at the sight of her. His lips curled in an affectionate smile as he squatted.

    He pinched her chubby cheek gently. Darling Xiaojiao, you look beautiful today.