Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1645

    Chapter 1645 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Three

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    Ming Ansheng was shocked and stunned.

    Yueyue actually supported his actions.

    But he was afraid. He knew that she supported his decision because of her kind nature. She had personally been through the feeling of being labeled as anillegitimate child.

    And another reason was that she never once consideredup till nowgetting together with him again.

    Ming Ansheng started to panic. He hugged her waist and said, Yueyue, but I want you and Xiaojiao too.

    Su Yue forcefully pushed him away. She stared at him, but she wasnt angry. She calmly said, Didnt you realize? Were not suited for each other.

    No, we are suitable. Ming Ansheng shook his head anxiously. Then he let go of her and grabbed her elbow. He smiled and said, We were happy before. Didnt we plan for our future together?

    His feelings for her had never changed, although he tried to give it up.

    If she still had feelings for him, why werent they suited for each other?

    She gave birth to Xiaojiao, so how could she not have feelings for him?

    No. He believed that she still loved him. She was just disappointed in him.

    That must be it.

    Su Yue peered up at him and said calmly, Then why did we break up? If we were suited for each other, why Why did we break up?

    Why did they break up?

    Ming Ansheng froze.

    Thats right. Why did they break up? Didnt he only have himself to blame?

    He failed to protect her. When she was in danger, he wasnt the one who protected her. His love for her wasnt steadfast enough. Thats how he had pushed Su Yue and Xiaojiao into another mans arms.

    So, he could only blame himself.

    Seeing that Ming Ansheng couldnt answer her, Su Yue airily said, So, were not suited for each other. If Jiao Chen hadnt left us, I would never have broken up with him.

    She looked at him with a serious expression, not revealing any emotions. Because Jiao Chen and I, we both yearn for simplicity. When two people get together, dont they hope for ease and comfort?

    If their love was too burdensome, why cling onto it?

    They had too many obstacles between them, and they both chose to step away.

    What did that show?

    They didnt love each other deeply enough. They werent determined and brave enough.

    Actually, it was the best decision they could have made at that time.

    But if she meant if, if they had gotten back together, what would happen when they meet another obstacle?

    Would they let each other go again?

    Thinking that it was the best for the other party?

    Yueyue. Ming Ansheng panicked and grabbed her hand. He subconsciously tightened his grip on it.

    She said that she was planning on spending her entire life with Jiao Chen She said that she never thought of leaving Jiao Chen.

    She said that she was happier with someone else.

    He felt like a sharp knife stabbed his heart. He couldnt breathe.

    But despite this, he didnt want tocouldnt bear tolet go of her. Yueyue, we can start over. Its alright if you dont love me anymore. I can make you fall for me again. Give me another chance.

    He sounded so inferior and lowly.

    As long as she was willing to be with him again, with Xiaojiao by her side, he could work hard to make her fall for him again.