Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1644

    Chapter 1644 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part Two

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    After staring at her for a while, he sighed helplessly. Aish.My family and I, were indebted to Meiduo for all the hurt that weve caused her. Beibei has to be my son, and can only be mine.

    Su Yue became more confused. Earlier on, he said that Beibei should resemble his true parents, as though he wasnt his son.

    And now he said that Beibei had to be his son and only his son.

    At first, she thought that she could react calmly and nonchalantly towards him. But now, how could she not be curious about Beibeis true parentage?

    He piqued her curiosity but refused to explain himself.

    Indeed, he was always beating around the bush.

    What are you talking about? I dont understand. Su Yue looked away and pushed him impatiently.

    Ming Ansheng didnt even flinch.

    Beibei is my brothers child. Ming Ansheng sighed. So, giving Beibei a proper status wont be enough to make up for what we owe her.

    Su Yue opened her mouth wide in shock. What what did you say?

    Beibei was his brother, Ming Anyus, son?

    Did she hear it wrong?

    Ming Ansheng frowned, and he remorsefully explained, The reason she broke up with me back then was because she felt that she wasnt good enough for me. Even until the end, she was thinking for me and my familys reputation. Thats why she kept it to herself.

    His familys reputation? What was that supposed to mean?

    Su Yues eyes widened. You You mean Your brother

    The first time she met Meiduo, Meiduo only had eyes for Uncle Ming. Even a single glance of hers could reveal her intense feelings for him.

    Her deep love for Uncle Ming was clear as day. She wouldnt betray him.

    Ming Ansheng nodded. Thats why I have to be responsible for Beibei.

    It still stunned Su Yue. Why did this happen

    Why did it turn out this way?

    Oh, my god! Beibei was Uncle Mings brothers son. It was absurd.

    How could Uncle Mings brother turn out to be such a person?

    Back then, Meiduo was still Uncle Mings girlfriend, his biological brothers girlfriend. How could he?

    Su Yue was outraged.

    For Ming Ansheng and especially Meiduo.

    Ming Ansheng suddenly continued, Su Yue, I love you. Yes, Meiduo is my first love, but that doesnt deny me the right to fall in love again.

    Su Yue looked at him and said, You did the right thing.

    Her tone was sincere, yet there was a subtle hint of anger directed at Ming Anyu.

    It confused Ming Ansheng. What?

    Su Yue said, You did the right thing by becoming Beibeis father.

    If not for that, Beibei would have become a mistress child. And he would become an illegitimate child, just like her.

    Whether or not Meiduo did it on her own free will, the child could not rid himself of that label forever.

    He would be like her, subject to weird stares from everyone.

    She peered up at Ming Ansheng.

    It was rare that he was so responsible and broad-minded so that Beibei could have a happy and positive childhood.

    He was loyal and righteous.

    She had been through that situation, so she could empathize with him on a deeper level.