Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1643

    Chapter 1643 I Want You And My Daughter Too Part One

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    Whats that supposed to mean? Su Yue looked up at him in shock and confusion.

    Resemble his mother, resemble his father

    Wasnt he Beibeis father? What was wrong with saying that Beibei resembled him?

    Although it wasnt a huge resemblance, at first glance, they really looked alike.

    Ming Ansheng turned around and leaned against the doorframe. He stared at Su Yue and frowned, his eyes full of melancholy.

    Su Yue became uneasy under his gaze. She averted her gaze and said, They wanted fruit juice so I went to get it. Ill go pass it to them.

    She started walking towards the bed.

    Yueyue. Ming Ansheng suddenly grabbed her elbow and pulled her out of the room. He closed the door gently after.

    His actions were domineering and Su Yue didnt have a chance to refuse.

    Ming Ansheng dragged her to the staircase landing and pressed her against the wall. He slightly tilted his head down and gazed intensely at her.

    Su Yue frowned. What are you doing?

    Su Yue, theres something I want to tell you. Ming Anshengs gaze looked conflicted and solemn.

    Su Yue couldnt read his mind. She didnt know what he was doing or thinking.

    But hadnt she always failed to read him?

    He was always unpredictable and she only saw the superficial side of things. To put it nicely, she was nave; but to be blunt, she was foolish.

    Solely based on this, they already werent suited from the start.

    Ming Ansheng paused for a long time before suddenly smiling and shaking his head in self-ridicule. Su Yue, I cant get over you. The harder I try to forget you, the more I fall in love with you. What should I do?

    Then he leaned in closer to her and placed his hands around her waist and back. He hugged her tightly and bent his back. He rested his chin on her shoulder and buried his nose in her neck, sniffing in her familiar scent and reminiscing.

    But this made him yearn for her even more. How he wished he could bury her inside of him.

    There were many people walking past them, glancing at them.

    The foreigners were more liberal and would smile sincerely in these situations.

    Su Yue couldnt push him away and became furious. Ming Ansheng, let go of me now.

    Yueyue, Im sorry. Ming Ansheng didnt loosen his grip on her, his lips still pressed against her neck as he apologized. It made her feel ticklish.

    They were in a hospital and Su Yue didnt want to lose her temper. She warned in a low voice, Ming Ansheng, let me go. If you continue being like this, I wont let you see Xiaojiao anymore.

    Yueyue Im sorry. Im sorry. Ming Ansheng hugged her even tighter, venting all the emotions he had buried deep within him all these years. His voice became strangled as he said, I underestimated my love for you. I thought that it was only a matter of time.

    He thought that his feelings for her would fade as time passed.

    But he didnt expect his love for her to intensify after all the time apart.

    He knew that he was falling deeper, but he couldnt stop himself.

    Please dont be like this. Su Yue tried pushing him away, but he didnt budge. She gave up and clenched her fists, and she started pounding against his back.

    In her anger, her eyes stung with tears.

    Ming Ansheng heard her sniffing and realized that she could be crying. He let go of her slowly, yet still holding on to her elbow and refusing to let her leave.

    He stared at her with a gaze of conflict and agony.