Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1641 1

    Chapter 1641 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Nine

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    He paused and continued, I will always love you.

    This was the first time that Ming Ansheng said that he loved him. Beibei was ecstatic, and so he vigorously nodded. I will study hard and improve every day. I wont let you and Mommy down.

    Then he obediently closed his eyes.

    His eyelashes were still quivering with excitement.

    Ming Ansheng stared at Beibei and fell into a reverie.

    Ansheng, I know Im being selfish. But the only concern I have in this world is whether Beibei can grow up normal and healthy.

    I dont blame you, neither do I blame your family members. Help me take care of Beibei, give him a happy and healthy childhood.

    The next day, Su Yue arrived at the hospital at 10 a.m.

    Ming Ansheng was sitting on the sofa with a laptop on his lap. He was furiously typing on the keyboard.

    When he came over last night, he didnt have his laptop with him. His assistant mustve sent it over.

    Su Yue glanced at Ming Ansheng and gently closed the door.

    Yueyue, Ming Ansheng greeted as he looked up at her. He smiled warmly.

    Su Yue pressed her lips. Dont you have a meeting to attend? You should hurry.

    Ming Ansheng looked at Beibei who was watching television before apologetically saying, Sorry to trouble you.

    Su Yue nodded lightly. Its no problem. Ive been having fewer lessons recently. I brought my laptop so that I can do my work at any time.

    Thats good. Ming Ansheng nodded before closing his laptop. He stood up and said, Ill make a move. Ill be back after my meeting.

    Su Yue plainly said, Its no rush.

    Ming Ansheng kept the laptop in his briefcase and kept the folders on the desk. He stuffed them into his bag.

    Im leaving, he said as he walked past her, carrying his briefcase.

    Su Yue watched him leave before turning to look at Beibei.

    The little fellow was unconscious yesterday, but he looked so energetic today.

    Indeed, children recuperate quickly.

    Su Yue walked over to Beibei and smiled. What are you watching?

    Armor Hero, do you want to watch? Beibei asked Su Yue as he pointed at the screen.

    Su Yue glanced at it and said, Whats so nice about it? The acting is subpar, the actors arent even good-looking and the whole series is based on special effects.

    Beibei shrugged his shoulders. Thats why Im a child and youre an adult.

    Indeed, she was an adult and he was a child. But they only had a fourteen-year age gap, so she should be considered his older sister!

    Sigh!Why did she feel old?

    Su Yue looked down and smiled in self-ridicule. Then she sized him up and said, You look much better today.

    Beibei blinked at her and said, Were you hoping that I would become mentally impaired so that nobody would steal my Daddy away from you?

    Su Yue frowned. You rascal, who wants to steal your Daddy? Dont make wild guesses.

    F*ck!Did she seem like such a vicious person?

    If she was really hoping that he would become mentally impaired, she would have left him there to rot yesterday.Hmph!

    Heartless fellow, how dare he insult her character!

    Aunt Goddess, please give in to my Daddy. Beibei frowned and said, Although hes slightly old, he is good-looking, rich, and devoted.