Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1640 1

    Chapter 1640 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Eight

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    Ming Ansheng ignored his words and walked over. He sat down on his bed and said, But I have to give it to you. You have strong endurance and willpower.

    It confused Beibei. Daddy, what are you talking about?

    Ming Ansheng replied, Next time, please dont glance around when youre acting.

    Beibei remained silent.

    Indeed, wisdom comes with age.

    Or rather, the little fox was no match for the sly old fox.

    Ming Beichen, Ming Ansheng warned.

    The temperature seemed to drop several degrees.

    Beibei quivered and asked warily, Whats wrong now?

    Out of stock? Only sells slow-moving products? Ming Ansheng smirked and raised his eyebrow.

    Beibei evaded eye contact and his voice was much softer when he replied, Daddy, what are you talking about?

    Ming Ansheng smirked. You can only hide the truth from Su Yue. Did you think that I wouldnt be able to see through your lies?

    Beibei shook his head innocently. Daddy, I dont know what youre talking about. My head hurts and I want to rest. Daddy, dont talk anymore.

    Then he buried himself in the blanket and remained still.

    Ming Ansheng whacked his bottom. Ive booked your return ticket for the day after tomorrow.

    Daddy, the doctor said that I have to be hospitalized for observation, Beibei said, poking his head out of the blanket, blinking at Ming Ansheng.

    Ming Ansheng replied, Thats not an issue. You can continue treatment back in China.

    Beibei pouted. The medical facilities are better here.

    Ming Ansheng frowned sternly. Stop making excuses. You still have school. You dont want to go to school anymore?

    Ive inherited your intelligence and my grades are so spectacular. Ill still be able to top the class even if I miss a weeks worth of lessons.

    He didnt forget to curry favor with Ming Ansheng.

    Ming Ansheng smiled. Stop bragging. Dont learn from your Uncle Third Yan.

    Who exactly did this fellow take after?

    Beibei snorted. Im going to tell Uncle Third Yan that you defamed him.

    It had rendered Ming Ansheng speechless.

    He changed the topic. He said, Su Yue will come to look after you tomorrow. You have to behave.

    Beibei casually asked, Daddy, where are you going?

    He was already hospitalized. Couldnt he make some time for him?

    The fellow became disheartened as he thought about it.

    Ming Ansheng could read his mind. He pinched his cheeks and said, I told her that I have to attend a meeting, so I asked her to take care of you.

    Beibei immediately looked at Ming Ansheng contemptuously. Daddy, you made use of me. Youre despicable! Im just a small boy and you made use of me. Am I really your biological son?

    Ming Ansheng froze and his smile faltered for a moment. But he recovered quickly and smiled. Enough of your nonsense. Have a good rest and return to China quickly.

    He adjusted the blanket for Beibei.

    Daddy, will you still love me when future stepmother and Xiaojiao live with us in the future? Beibei asked in a worried tone.

    Didnt I tell you to stop letting your thoughts run wild? Ming Ansheng looked at Beibei and his heart ached. He caressed his face and said, Study hard and make your mother proud.