Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1639 5

    Chapter 1639 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Seven

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    She said to Ming Ansheng, Its bedtime for Xiaojiao. If Im not around, she cant sleep. Ill go first, call me if you need to look for me.

    His little princess needed Su Yue, certainly that was of paramount importance. Ming Ansheng nodded and said, Sure. Run along now.

    He followed Su Yue and sent her to the door.

    Beibei narrowed his eyes as he observed how Ming Ansheng followed Su Yue like a docile bunny. He cast him a look of disgust and disdain.

    Did that old man forget that his injured son was still unconscious?

    He only cared about the woman!

    He would give this father bad reviews. He was utterly disappointed.

    Ming Ansheng sent Su Yue to the elevator with longing in his eyes.

    But he knew he had to let her leave, as his princess wont be able to sleep without her mommy.

    Both werewomenthat he loved deeply.

    Go back to Beibei. He should be awake soon, said Su Yue in a casual tone. She was about to enter the elevator.


    Ming Ansheng suddenly called her.

    Su Yue turned around and asked, What?

    Ming Ansheng hesitated, as though he had a huge favor to ask of her.

    Su Yue had no idea what Ming Ansheng wanted to say. She tightly gripped the handles of her bag.

    For no reason, she became nervous.

    After opening his mouth a couple of times, he finally managed to say, I might have something on tomorrow. If you have time tomorrow, can you take care of Beibei?

    For fear that she might decline, he hurriedly added, I have a major meeting with my business partners here and I cant postpone it. I will rush back when its over.

    Su Yue agreed with no hesitation. Sure.

    She was merely helping him to take care of his son, and that wasnt an unreasonable request.

    She would always help if anyone she knew in Country M needed her help.

    Su Yue explained to herself in her mind.

    Delight streaked across Ming Anshengs eyes.

    He seemed slightly emotional. Thank you, Yueyue.

    Su Yue smiled and entered the elevator.

    Ming Ansheng put his hands inside his pockets. He turned away when she vanished from his sight.

    His heart was still thumping.

    Their relationship seemed to be mending bit by bit.

    At least she wasnt so hostile and distant now

    Ming Anshengs spirits soared and he strolled back to Beibeis ward.

    He opened the door and saw Ming Beichen sitting against the pillow. What a swift recovery.

    Daddy, you value a woman more than your son. Beibei protested with his cheeks puffed up to express his dissatisfaction.

    Ming Ansheng nodded in agreement. Thats absolutely right.

    Beibei furrowed his eyebrows and he pitifully said, Cant you be considerate towards my feelings? You couldnt be bothered to even lie to me

    Ming Ansheng was speechless

    It would be prudent to limit the time he spent on his phone and computer. All these stuff that he learned rendered him speechless.