Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband Aloof Cute Wife Chapter 1638 9

    Chapter 1638 The Truth Behind The Fellows Parentage Part Six

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    Su Yue furrowed her eyebrows. How could she not comprehend what Ming Ansheng was trying to say?

    But hadnt she already expected it? This kid came such a long way to Country M and refused to leave her place. There was no way he didnt have any ulterior motives.

    She pressed her lips and fell silent, wondering how Ming Ansheng would react if he heard her voice.

    She softly said, Uncle Ming?

    What! Ming Ansheng was visibly shocked.

    Even Su Yue could feel his shock over the line.

    What happened? Ming Ansheng asked in a concerned tone. Is Beibei being mischievous again?

    No, he isnt. Su Yue shook her head.

    She updated Ming Ansheng about Beibeis accident.

    Ming Ansheng arrived at the hospital shortly.

    He wore a white shirt with black pants. Although he looked flustered and worried, he still appeared suave and charming.

    Su Yue spotted Ming Ansheng and she stood up. Uncle Ming, youre here.

    Ming Ansheng nodded to acknowledge. He glanced at Beibei and asked, What did the doctor say?

    Su Yue replied, He had a brain concussion, so he needs to stay for observation.

    Okay. Ming Ansheng nodded, and he looked relieved.

    He knew that when a patient recovers from a brain concussion after some time, there wouldnt be any serious problems.

    He glanced at Su Yue with a smile. Yueyue, sorry to trouble you.

    He sounded so gentle every time he called her name.

    Su Yue pressed her lips tightly and shook her head. Its my fault for not taking good care of him.

    Since he was in her care, she was responsible for his safety. This boy got injured when he was out with her.

    She felt really guilty and regretful.

    Ming Ansheng shook his head and smiled. This guy is really playful. Its not your fault.

    Beibei was currently sneering at his daddy quietly in his heart.

    He was lying there with his head bandaged, yet he didnt even blame his future stepmother at all. Instead, he blamed it on his playfulness, and at the same time, tainting his image of him in his stepmothers heart.

    He shouldnt have helped his father.Hmph!

    Where is Xiaojiao? Ming Ansheng looked around as he searched for Xiaojiao.

    Beibei felt as if his heart was crushed by a massive weight.

    He was his son, and they were the ones who were related by blood, alright!

    His daddy should have at least stroked his hand just like what the characters in the dramas always do. Or perhaps say something soothing or encouraging.

    Instead, his heart was with his future stepdaughter.

    He was in despair!

    Su Yue replied, She went home with my helper.

    Oh. Ming Ansheng nodded, and he couldnt conceal his disappointment.

    He glanced at Su Yue after a moment. I heard that you started an online store.

    Su Yue nodded. Yeah.

    How is your business? asked Ming Ansheng.

    Su Yue smiled and replied, I just started, so its not very good.

    Take your time. Online businesses need patience and time. Ming Ansheng glanced at Su Yue and continued to encourage her. Ill help you promote to my colleagues in Bright Vision.

    Oh my god!

    Beibei couldnt take it any longer. How pretentious could his father be!

    Beibei clenched his fists under the blanket while he rolled his eyes.

    Thank you. Su Yue smiled and glanced at her watch.